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Day #336 – Dogfish Head Pangaea

December 3, 2011

Dogfish Head Pangaea


This one only recently came into our market and I was pleased to see it. This beer has been brewed using ingredients from all 7 continents. Here is the listing of ingredients and where they originate:

Crystallized ginger from Australia

Water from Antarctica

Basmati rice from Asia

Muscavado sugar from Africa

South American quinoa

European yeast

and North American maize.

What results is what sits in front of me, a spice beer that has 7% ABV.

Clouded orange pour with small bits of sediment that float in the pour. Large white head.

Spicy smell with hints of ginger. Also smells of grain and lots of citrus notes. Orange peels that smell very fresh.

Taste has immediate sweet spice, such as ginger and cinnamon. Easy grains creep in following that. Finishes with light hints of the previous spice. I don’t get any Penguin poop so that’s cool. Probably the closest I will ever been to Antarctica though. Glad to have tried this.




Day #327 – Samuel Adams Winter Lager

November 24, 2011

Short review today as it’s THANKSGIVING! Cowboys win; heck yeah.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager


This is the winter seasonal from Samuel Adams which is technically a spice beer. it is 5.6%.

This beer pours a dark brown color that edges on red. Red highlights through the light. White type head.

Aroma is grainy for certain with some cinnamon spice and all-spice. Dark malts as well.

The flavor is much the same with spice and dark malts abound. Finishes dry spice that turns ever bready as it warms.




Day #318 – Anchor Our Special Ale

November 15, 2011

This beer is one of the best Christmas beers out there, and I happened to stumble upon 2 different vintages. I will be sampling this from 2009 and 2010.

Anchor Our Special Ale

This beer is a spice beer, which is said to have been brewed with a differing recipe every year. However, as of 2005 the recipe has been so similar there is little to tell difference, save for the spice amount. 5.5% ABV.

Anchor 09

This beer pours a dark ruddy brown color with a foamy off-white head. Appears rouge through the light.

Aroma is definitely spicy. Perhaps ginger is what I’m thinking, mixed with a soapy lavender scent? Smells Christmasy.

Flavor is spicy ginger, hops and leaves with a dry finish of old folks home. Like decorative soap. Interesting but I think the flavor is starting to fall off a bit.

Anchor 10

This beer pours a dark ruddy brown color with a foamy off-white head. Appears rouge through the light.

Aroma has the same Ginger smell but it is far more subdued. Very interesting as I would have thought the spice would be stronger in the newer batch.

The flavor isn’t nearly as tasty as the 09. It only has a faint reminder of spice with an overly bitter root flavor. Not as good by far.


Day #289 – Saint Arnold Pumpkinator

October 17, 2011

Went for a bike ride tonight and stopped in at the Gingerman. I was glad I did as I discovered that they had a new/old beer from Saint Arnold on tap! I’ll explain the new/old reference in a bit.

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator

This beer was originally a recipe in their Divine Reserve series, number 9. It was put out as an Imperial Pumpkin Ale as it was the winning homebrew recipe in a contest they held. It got a fairly good response so they decided to scale it up for seasonal production. It is now named the Pumpkinator and is sitting in front of me now. I remember trying the DR #9 for the first time 2 years ago and it was absolutely fantastic. My hopes are high that they did not change the recipe. 11% ABV…yikes!

This beer pours black in the middle with a lighter brown touch near the edges. Wheat brown head. It was served in a half pint due to the high alcohol level.

As I’m typing my intro I can already smell a glorious candy corn aroma wafting from the glass. Lots of bazooka Joe sweetness too. Caramel notes on the nose with the aforementioned notes as well. A sense of alcohol is also felt. Winter spice begins to emerge as the beer begins to warm. Interesting that the pumpkin smell shows up later in the sniff. Winter spices bring cinnamon and nutmeg to the table.

Very creamy mouthfeel with an immediate tingle on the tip of the tongue. Abv is felt and warms up the tongue. Warm gingerbread taste and caramel malts. Pumpkin taste is much less perverse than I was anticipating after watching the video of how much they put in it. It doesn’t show up till near the aftertaste and sits fantastically. Tastes like a warm Christmas cookie that was given to me by a pixie in an elf costume.




Day #287 – Post Road Pumpkin Ale

October 15, 2011

The Rangers are going to the World Series!!!! Back to back American League Champions baby! I was working the game last night doing valet parking and that place went nuts after the win! Crazy night.

Post Road Pumpkin Ale


I’m back on my pumpkin kick. This one is by Brooklyn Brewing even though it isn’t under the Brooklyn name. Pumpkin spice beer at 5%.

This beer pours a clear rusty orange color with a tall foamy beige head. The head response is pretty quick and lasting.

Wow I could smell this beer from the moment I popped the top! Lots of pumpkin notes in this. Ginger spice and nutmeg are also prevalent but the pumpkin was very strong.

The flavor however was a bit disappointing. Some pumpkin flavor but it is more astringent and bitter now. As the beer warms the astringency intensifies to the point where I didn’t even finish this one. Too bad.




Day #285 – Buffalo Bills America’s Original Pumpkin Ale

October 13, 2011

The pumpkin beers continue!!

Buffalo Bills America’s Original Pumpkin Ale


Buffalo Bill’s Brewery is a small company that has their beer brewed by Pyramid. The main thing they do are fruit/vegetable beers, and some of them are actually pretty good. This is their pumpkin spice beer.

This beer pours a clear copper orange color with very little carbonation. It started off with a big fizzy head that very quickly disappeared. The result is what you see in the picture below.

The aroma is light pumpkin, ginger spice and cinnamon. Fairly nice and gentle smell.

Flavor is light pumpkin that is almost a background flavor. The ginger and spice come through way more than the pumpkin but it turns out pretty well.




Day #283 – Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

October 11, 2011

I’m finally caught up with my posts and boy what a beer to catch up with!!

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale


Dogfish Head started back in the mid 90’s, and the story Sam tells about it is that he entered a pumpkin food contest by brewing a pumpkin beer and it won the whole thing! This beer is truly one of DFHs first and most sought after beers. This is a pumpkin spice beer at 7%. And believe me, this beer does not hang around for long so try it when you can!

This beer pours a rich orange color that touches on red. Very pretty hue, with a foamy off-white colored head.

Aroma is everything you would expect after pulling the lid off a smoke-stained jack-o-lantern with tons of spice. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, all spice…the list goes on. The pumpkin smell isn’t as prevalent on the nose but it’s there.

Flavor is fantastic, there’s just nothing more to it. Lovely spiced flavors mentioned above with a soft pumpkin flavor coming through. Finish is a lingering of the spice. Wow very good. Try it if you can!