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Day #242 – Genesee Cream Ale

August 31, 2011

Tired; just rollin in from working all day, teaching and valet. Time for a beer then bed.

Genesee Cream Ale


Genesee Cream Ale is brewed by the Genesee Brewing Company based out of Rochester, NY. I bet they got some rain on the brewery this past week from Irene. The cream ale is probably their highest distributed beer. It is obviously categorized as a Cream Ale and has 5.1% ABV.

This beer pours a very clear, light golden color with a fizzy white head. It almost touches on straw.

The aroma leaves much to be desired. It is mainly soured grains and malts with some bitter notes and maybe a touch of sweetness.

Flavor matches the aroma almost perfectly, with bitter notes and grains and very little sweetness. This is a beer to pound after a long day of work and then go to bed. Even then….it’s not that good.




Day #241 – Avery Anniversary Seventeen

August 30, 2011

Glass night at the G man tonight. It feels like I haven’t been here in awhile due to my crazy schedule, but I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things. Got an American anniversary beer on tap for today.

Avery Anniversary Seventeen


Avery has been doing specialized anniversary beers since their 10th I believe. Each year is a different style and always pushing the envelope. They came out with the 18th this year which was a dry hopped saison. I honestly didn’t care for it all that much. The Ginger Man, in all it’s wisdom hung on to a keg of the 17th anniversary from last year and served it up tonight. Boy am I glad cause this beer got WAY better! It is a dunkler bock, which is pretty much a strong, dark and roasty lager, but not to be confused with a Dunkel. 2 very different styles. The ABV on this sucker is 8.69%.

This beer pours a dark brown color tha, edges on rouge. Especially when held up to the light. It also forms a nice tan head.

The aroma here is mainly dark malts, roasted notes, bitter chocolate, dry hops and spice. It has certainly mellowed out a bit over the past year. I like the aroma now more than ever.

Flavor is roasted for sure. Bakers cocoa and hops are the main elements in this. Spicy tingle over palate is what I’m left with. Man when this was fresh I remember it being almost medicinal. But now it rocks!




Day #240 – Shiner Oktoberfest

August 29, 2011


Well it’s about that time of year. We will now start to see the emergence of every brewery’s version of the Oktoberfest beer. Oktoberfest if you don’t remember is a 16-18 day festival held in Munich, Germany in celebration of everything Bavarian. It starts in late September and runs through the first week of October. I will plan on having at least 1 week dedicated to the Oktoberfest/Märzen style of beer at some point. Today is merely a preview.

Shiner Oktoberfest

(Sorry, really bad lighting. I’ll try to find a better one.)

Beginning in their 96th year of production, Spoetzl Brewing decided to release 1 special anniversary beer every year as they geared up for 100. Their first one was Shiner 96 and was a Märzen beer. It was shortly thereafter retired as Shiner 97 grew massively in popularity. No one thought we would ever see the likes of the 96 again. Then out of the blue last year, Shiner releases a press statement saying they have plans to come out with a Shiner Oktoberfest and they will be using the 96 recipe! How cool is that?!? Now I finally got to try it! That was last year and it is time for Shiner Oktoberfest once again. ABV 5.7%.

Rusty orange appearance with a white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

Light aroma of caramel malts, and autumn spice. There is a little something here, but it honestly seems a tad bit watery.

Flavor also has a bit of the same spice with a slightly old/bitter after-taste. Finish is the big drawback here. Kinda buttery. Very watery also as the flavor is super lacking. Man, disappointment.




Day #239 – Odell Cutthroat Porter

August 28, 2011

Day #239 and I’m all caught up!

Odell Cutthroat Porter


Odell Brewing Company is based out of Fort Collins, CO. They do not yet distribute to Texas but this beer was from a friend so I am going to review it!

This beer pours a very dark brown color with red highlights when held to the light. Slight tan head.

Aroma has slight metallic notes, small smoky notes, dark malts and bitter notes.

Flavor is dark malts that are fairly bitter. Slight roast. Finishes bitter, dark and roasty.


I promise to try my best not to fall behind again!!



Day #238 – Mendocino Black Hawk Stout

August 27, 2011

Mendocino Black Hawk Stout


Mendocino Brewing Company is based out of Hopland, CA. They have several things available in our area but honestly I haven’t really cared for any of them. Hopefully this one will be different.

Pours a deep black color with a foamy brown head. Like a loaf of bread sitting atop the beer.

Aroma is dry malts, some sweetness, slightly metallic with copper notes. Light chocolate.

Flavor is dry malts and bitter chocolate. Metallic flavors continue through the finish to make this slightly odd.




Day #237 – New Belgium Lips of Faith – Super Cru

August 26, 2011

Ok. I’ll be honest and say I fell behind this week. It became ridiculously crazy and I just didn’t have time. It’s ok, life got in the way. I plan on catching up today. Got a good one to start.

New Belgium Lips of Faith – Super Cru


New Belgium has a Lips of Faith series in which they do small batches of experimental recipes. The Super Cru is based on their Fat Tire recipe with slight changes, namely the yeast strain and alcohol content, which is 10%.

Pours a clear bright orange color with a fizzy white head.

Aroma is lemon peel, coriander, popping citrus and belgian spices.

Flavor is spicy Belgian fruit, orange and lemon zest, yeast and the gentle kiss of alcohol. Very nice.




Day #236 – Dogfish Head Raison D Être

August 25, 2011

Day 4 of my week of hell continues. I’m beat. Straight to the review.

Dogfish Head Raison D Etre


This beer comes from Dogfish Head Brewing. This is one of their top selling beers but I don’t know if it’s their flagship or not. This is a Belgian Strong Ale at 8% brewed with raisins!

This beer pours a clear mix of orange, red and brown. Nice foamy head. It looks great in this glass.

The aroma is a mix of raisins, alcohol and woody notes. Some sweet notes of sugar as well.

Flavor is bitter sweet, wort, woody flavors and Belgian yeast. Slightly bitter on the finish.