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Day #345 – Buffalo Bills Blueberry Oatmeal Stout

December 12, 2011

This one ought to be interesting. I love stouts, but fruit beers have been a bit of hit or miss for me…and this beer is both rolled into one. A blueberry oatmeal stout it says. Hmm, however I have been fairly pleased with other fruit beers from this company so we shall see. Gotta keep an open mind here!

Buffalo Bills Blueberry Oatmeal Stout


Buffalo Bills Brewery is contract brewed by Pyramid. It is classified as a fruit beer and rightfully so as they put 30 lbs of blueberries into every batch! Wow! It is also part oatmeal stout and it has 7.5% ABV, so this will be no easy feat to finish. I have set out the bottle on the counter while I was typing this introduction to allow it to warm up to the correct temperature.

This beer pours a dark brown color which is fairly murky. I can see bits of sediment floating in this one. Foamy tan head fades fairly quickly.

The aroma definitely has a blueberry quality, with also a creamy type smell. Some dark malts but mainly very fruity.

The flavor is pretty roasted and bitter. Some sweet fruit towards the beginning but the finish remains very bitter. There is some peppery flavors too which I don’t necessarily care for.




Day #305 – Shiner Holiday Cheer

November 2, 2011

Another holiday beer today!

Shiner Holiday Cheer


This beer is from Shiner Brewing and is their holiday fruit beer. It is brewed with peaches and pecans and other spices. ABV 5.4%.

This beer pours a clear orangish red color with a foamy white head.

The aroma is very intense peaches! Lots of peaches and some winter spices on the nose.

Flavor is lots of peaches as well. The pecan isn’t as large as I thought it might be and finishes a bit dry. Perhaps some ginger in this too? Hmm, interesting.


Holiday Cheers!


Day #254 – Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale

September 12, 2011

Went for a run tonight for the first time in a LONG time. 3 miles; felt great! Time to reward myself with a beer? Survey says yes.

Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale


Pyramid Brewing Company is based out of Seattle, Washington. This is a fruit beer at 5.1% ABV. The apricot fruit is added with a wheat beer to create this, which by the way is one of Pyramids top sellers. There has to be a reason for that….let’s find out.

This beer pours a hazy golden orange color with a tall white head. The head response is pretty quick so be careful when pouring this one. The haziness obviously comes from this beer being unfiltered.

The aroma is pretty sweet right off the bat. It has a tall fruity nose, which I would say smells of apricots. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one but if memory serves well it is authentic. There is plenty of wheat grain and spices in the aroma as well. Pretty nice.

Flavor is sweet, fruity and BIG apricot! Wow there’s the taste I remember. Slightly tart from the fruit and a nice wheat backbone. Finishes sweet with a touch of spice. Quite good actually!




Day #247 – Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

September 5, 2011

Big weekend has left me beat. Right to the beer tonight.

Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale


This is a fruit beer from Great Divide, and it is their take on the raspberry ale. This is brewed with lots and lots of fresh raspberries and ought to be nice. ABV 5.6%.

This beer pours a clear, quite dark color. It is a dark reddish color with slight orange highlights when held to the light. Nice almost pink head, perhaps a light purple.

Aroma is powdery and perfumy with a tart raspberry nose. Faint aroma of fruit. More soft notes than anything.

Flavor is dry malts and wheat, with a small bit of raspberries. Not as intense as I was expecting. Tingly finish. Meh not that great actually.




Day #243 – Wild Blue

September 1, 2011

Today, I’m sad to say I picked up a beer from Anheuser-Busch. While I really hate to support Big Beer, I did this time for 2 reasons. Most of all I really didn’t know that this beer was brewed by AB haha, but I wanted to feature this one because it is just so darn odd. I try to give my money to the local craft guys but there is a time for every beer, including AB.

Wild Blue


Wild Blue is an odd one. It is a Fruit Beer and is a fat one at that. Brewed with blueberries, you will see it’s extent all the way through from start to finish. Let’s get into it. 8%.

This beer pours a dark rosy color that is fairly clear and yes…that’s right….a PINK head. So odd, to see a beer with a pink head. Appearance other than the head is very pretty though.

Aroma is sweet and fruity, with big notes of blueberry and grape juice. The sweetness overtakes any other aromas that may be present.

Flavor is sharply sweet, sugary and fruity. Blueberries for sure, with cotton candy, sugar and grapes. The sweetness continues through the finish. This is pretty sweet and fairly intensely so. Interesting to try but I’d never get a 6 pack.




Day #171 – Abita Select Triple Haze

June 21, 2011

I headed to my usual bar today. Walk in the door and headed to my usual stool and what do I discover? The bar is packed! Not sure what the deal was but it was busy as hell. I had somewhere to be shortly thereafter so I picked up my beer and reviewed it quickly. I actually tasted the beer before I looked up any info on it, and I’m sure you’ll see my surprise.

Abita Select Triple Haze


Abita is based in Louisiana, in Abita Springs no less and most of their major lineup makes it to north Texas. They recently created their Select series in which they are trying new styles in a small batch format. The Triple Haze is an off-set of their Purple Haze which I have yet to review. Both are fruit beers but this one is 8% ABV.

This beer pours a very hazy (ha!) almost murky brownish orange. More orange than brown I would say, with a small white head that left the bar faster than I did.

Aroma is…wow I wasn’t expecting that. Apparently I didn’t do my homework on this beer as I am trying it before looking up the preceding details. The aroma is crazy raspberries and wheat tones. Grainy but tart raspberry for sure! Definitely wasn’t expecting that!

The flavor is big ole’ fat raspberry tartness. Lots of fruit and a light bitter grain flavor as well. Man looking at the name of the beer I just automatically assumed it was a Trippel but boy was I wrong! All that being said, it’s actually not bad. The raspberries just caught me off guard but if you want something a little more fruity than most then reach for one of these.



Day #145 – Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

May 26, 2011

Well I think I’ve taken a sufficient amount of time off from Sam Adams beers, and since we are getting into one of my favorite seasons for beer I will have to review some!

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Good ole’ Boston Beer Company.  It’s been awhile but here we are again.  Today I have their Cherry Wheat which is classified as a Fruit Beer.  It has an ABV of 5.4%.  Apparently it is brewed with real Michigan cherries to maintain freshness and authenticity to the style.  This beer started off as a summer seasonal for Sam Adams but the demand was so great for it they decided to put it in year-round.

Ah there’s my Samuel Adams glass.  Haven’t used this guy in awhile either!  This beer pours a clear light orange color with a very foamy, frothy white head.  The head does not go down quickly in the least.

The aroma is most certainly fresh cherries!  Wow I can close my eyes and almost visualize a bowl of cherries.  Lots of sweet fruit as well as a dry grain/wheat feel.  The dryness also has a slight woody smell to it as well.

Flavor is dry cherries and wheat, with a lovely sweet finish.  The aftertaste is ALL cherry.  Wheat grains and malts fill out the mouthfeel.  Absolutely refreshing and makes for a great summer beer.