Call me Cavie. I have a great passion for beer and brewing.

This will be a visual documentation and reference for the beers I experience in a year. Hopefully others will discover curiosity into trying some of these beers for themself. I will mainly be focusing on beers that are available throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, hoping to raise awareness of the great beer that is available to those who choose to seek it out.

Keep an open mind and let the fun begin!

You can follow me on Twitter @cavie06.



  1. Nice blog!!!

    I see you have found mine, http://kingbobyjr.wordpress.com

    I’m going to add yours to my blogroll. I will be following yours to see how you do.

    Good luck!!!


    • Yes indeed. I will admit that I was following after your idea to do this, after you posted something about it on ratebeer. I like the layout of your blog better than mine; it’s more visually appealing. I haven’t quite figured out all that customization stuff though. I subscribed to yours as well!

  2. I also have added you to my blogroll and would love if you did the same for mine! http://beerisseur.wordpress.com

    Sites like yours are my favorite source for finding new beers to try. They are also the only way I seem to find other quality beer blogs.

    Have either you (or Kingbobyjr) ever watched the TV show Brew Masters? You should check it out.

    • Hey thanks for the compliment! I will certainly check out your blog and add it shortly. I have been enjoying watching Brew Masters as well, at least the 5 episodes they released. I appreciate how it spans a wide audience, from the craft enthusiast to the average consumer.

  3. Yes…I have seen Brew Masters. I like it a lot. I hope it does well enough for them to create some new episodes.

  4. I’ve got a homebrew I’ve crafted and would like you to try and rate on your blog. Contact me and let me know if your game.

  5. Hey there, great blog! Was curious if you’d be interested in exchanging links – http://beersighted.wordpress.com

    • Sure thing! Added you to my Blogroll.

  6. Where can you buy Bikini Blonde Lager in DFW? Have friends who were recently in Lahaina and raved about it and now I see it here on your blog. Where can you get this gem in the Metroplex?

    • Most of the Central Markets throughout DFW will carry this, as well as the higher end liquor stores, such as Hall’s, Kegs & Barrels, Mr. G’s etc… It only comes in cans so that should make it easier to find.

  7. What a weird coincidence! Check out The Ex”BEER”iment on Amazon. I am also a teacher in Fort Worth, and I wrote a book that is very similar to this. It would be interesting to see where we agree and disagree. Keep up the good work!

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