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Day #68 – Flying Dog Garde Dog Bière de Garde

March 10, 2011

A new style for me today, and it’s a bit of a difficult one to come by.  A bière de garde is basically the French version of the saison.  I just noticed I’ve yet to review a saison too so lets talk about all of them.  Saisons and bière de gardes are known as “farmhouse ales”.  They were brewed in the spring typically due to decent fermenting temperatures and were often times set out in the barn for the yeast to do it’s work.  This style of beer is usually light and spicy with citrus notes and often times are a bit sour due to wild yeast.   The name literally means “for the cellar” as well, meaning these beers are intended to be cellared.  If it is wild yeast fermented, then it will continue to change over time as the yeast ferment it additionally in the bottle.  As I mentioned earlier, the bière de garde is the French version of this.

Flying Dog Garde Dog Bière de Garde

Flying Dog Brewery is based in Frederick, Maryland and is the 30th largest craft brewery in the United States.  They distribute throughout the north Texas area and I think this beer is available periodically.  I picked this beer up from other means but I know I’ve had it before.  The alcohol level is at 5.5% and should be served in a snifter or tulip.

This beer pours a very clear deep golden color and has a small white head.   I obviously kept it fairly restrained as the entire 12 ounces just barely fits in my elegant tulip.

Aroma is dry and dusty with some light spice and grain notes.  Not the most interesting smell I’ll say.

The flavor is fairly spicy with lemon zest, orange peel, coriander and pepper with a heavy grain element near the back.  It finishes quite dry with a nice spicy tingle.  As it warms it starts to develop a hay-like flavor which is different I’ll say.  This is pretty refreshing and tasty with only the slightest bitterness on the finish.  Haha I was about to say “Good beer”, but then I was reminded of Lt. Worf when he says “Good tea.  Nice house.”  I thought that was a good quote to sign off with.

Good beer, nice house.