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Day #302 – Rahr & Sons Angry Goat

October 30, 2011

Today was an awesome day. I was able to participate in a home brewing competition. It was really cool; it was similar to the Iron Chef competition in which they gave us ingredients and we had to make something out of it. The group I was with was WAY more knowledgeable than me about brewing and beer. I feel like I learned a ton and even more importantly, I’ve got the brewing bug again!


Rahr & Sons Angry Goat

The competition was held at the Rahr & Sons brewery. Those folks were so gracious to let us use their facilities. One of the employees brought out Rahr’s newest beer which I have yet to try! Very glad to see it. This is a Weizen Doppelbock at 8%.


This beer pours a murky brown color with a touch of orange near the edge. Tan colored head.

Aroma is pretty nice. Lots of chocolate malt, banana, clove, some spice and citrus. Bit of everything in this!

The flavor is about the same as the nose, with the chocolate notes coming through big time. Banana and clove as well, however the mouthfeel is a little thin. Not bad.




Day #197 – Schneider Aventinus

July 17, 2011

Excellent beer on for today, and you will like it! I’m fairly confident of that. ūüėČ

Schneider Aventinus

Schneider Aventinus is brewed by Weissbierbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn in Kelheim, Germany. It is classified as a Weizen Bock and is pretty stout at 8.1% ABV. This beer has a pretty good reputation and is supposed to be very tasty, as well as one of the best of it’s style.

This beer was delivered in a fantastic glass made for this beer. It pours a very murky maroon color with a foamy beige head. Doesn’t look very pretty but it’s accurate to the style.

Aroma is lots of dark malts, candied sugar and dark fruit. Plums and black cherries perhaps. As it warms we can pick up more wheat tones.

Flavor is dark fruit, Belgian yeast and bananas. Sweet flavor lingers throughout and completely masks the higher alcohol. This is very flavorful and I absolutely recommend it.




Day #193 – Weihenstephaner Vitus

July 13, 2011

Got a good one planned for the blog today. The glass looks awesome too!

Weihenstephaner Vitus

Weihenstephaner is reportedly said to be the World’s Oldest Brewery, although I’m not too sure about it. Let’s look at some research…hmmm. According to wikipedia the Abbey can trace the roots of the brewery back to the year 768, as a document from that year refers to a hop garden the Abbey maintained. Very interesting indeed; I suppose we should add the distinction of the World’s Oldest Continuously Operating Brewery. That sounds a little better. The Vitus is the beer I shall be enjoying today. It is a Weizen Bock, enjoyed on draught with an ABV of 7.7%.

This beer pours a hazy golden orange color with a fizzy white head. It really does look rather nice in my brand new weizen glass. The swirls in the glass look cool.

Aroma is slightly soured grain with lemon citrus fruit and light clove spice. As it warms it is starting to develop a more pleasant flavor and aroma which is pushing off the grain nose.

The flavor is soured grain, some sweet fruit, and banana. Clove spice on the finish. Sweet bubble gummy finish. All in all this is a nice refreshing beer to enjoy on a particularly hot Texas day.




Day #186 – Left Hand TNT Weizen Doppelbock

July 6, 2011

I had to drop back by the Ginger Man today as I saw something there that I had never had and it looked cool.

Left Hand TNT Weizen Doppelbock


Left Hand Brewing is based in Longmont, Colorado. I know I’ve reviewed a beer from this company before because it was during the ice storm of 2011 back in February. I have the link on my Review Index page. Check it out if you haven’t already. I’ve kept up with my links and it’s turning into a pretty cool list. Today’s beer is a Weizenbock and a pretty hefty one at that with a 7.9% ABV. If you think that is high, just wait till you see Friday’s post!!

The beer was served in a Chimay Trappist glass. A little strange for the style but I’ll go with it. This beer pours a very dark brown to almost black color. Not much light gets through this puppy. There is also a nice beige head on top of it.

The aroma reminds me of one of my home-brews. It is fairly roasted with a dark fruit/homebrew yeast aroma. Not sure how to describe this but I can picture the homebrew it smells like as I drank one just yesterday.

The flavor is….interesting. This beer is obviously smoked, which I often times do not care much for. The smoke in this comes off beefy and very aggressive. They used a lot of peated malt in this and it shows. After awhile the smoke eases off just a bit and it becomes slightly more approachable. Dark malts and roast prevail throughout.

I suppose I understand the significance of the name now as this pops of smoke and gunpowder.




Day #5 – Live Oak Primus

January 6, 2011

Today is a day of 2 firsts for my review; I get to rate my first draught-only beer as well as my first Texas beer! I know when the phrase “Texas Beer” is mentioned, the first thing (and sometimes the only thing) that comes to mind is, Shiner. It is true that Shiner has made quite a name for itself as a large producer and distributor of craft beer, but there is so….SO much more that our little state has to offer by way of quality brews. There is somewhere around 20 breweries in our state that produce and package beer, but not all of these breweries bottle their product. Just under half of these breweries are draught-only, meaning they keg but not bottle. The reasoning for this varies from company to company; anything from not having the capability to bottle, financially not capable of up-keep and materials, or wanting to maintain stricter control of the quality of their product. (A brewery that kegs only under a certain production amount can self distribute and does not have to go through a distributor.) Whatever the reason, these breweries still produce quality beer that can usually be found at any local beer bar. I will make it a goal to have as many Texas beers in my reviews as I can get my hands on. It’s always nice to support your local brewery!

Live Oak Primus

The beer I am reviewing today is from Live Oak Brewing Company out of Austin, TX.  This is a fairly small brewery that only opened up just a few years ago.  They have made a name for themselves in the greater Austin area and have now expanded to the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth area as well.  You will be sure to see more beers from them in my future reviews.

This beer is classified as a Weizenbock, which is basically a wheat version of the bock.  It carries both characteristics of a fruity wheat beer with the heavy grain notes of a bock.  This beer is best when had fresh and does not age well.  The correct serving glassware is the Weizen glass, which is a tall, shapely pilsner glass.  I am enjoying this beer out of a standard shaker, as that is what it was served to me in.

Honestly…..this beer is not very attractive to look at. I don’t blame the brewery because this is what the style is supposed to look like. A Weizenbock is an unfiltered wheat bock, so all the murky goodness you see sitting in front of you is exactly what we want. All the flavor was not filtered out of it. This beer has a small head, which is an off-white color that appears fairly creamy.

The aroma is lots of fruit and wheat. Banana, plum and blackberry notes are what I’m picking up. Very lovely smell as it is delicately balanced with wheat and grain tones. There is also a large yeast element which provides for a bready smell.

The flavor is just as interesting as the aroma. Lots of grainy, bready notes with wheat that strengthens the taste. Yeast notes also add to the breadiness. This breadiness leaves a fairly dry flavor on the finish that might prove distasteful at warmer temperatures. There is also a fair amount of plum flavor and sweetness towards the end of the swallow.

This beer probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth it to support your local brewery. Also if you haven’t tried a beer of this style, give it a go. You never know, you may like it.