Day #278 – Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

October 6, 2011

Really not too happy with my phone right now as I typed out this entire review and it crashed and lost it. Ugh.

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale


This beer is new to the SA line-up this year. It appears in the Harvest mix pack. So you can expect at least 1 more review from them coming up. This is a pumpkin spice beer that is brewed with real pumpkin. Apparently it has been made for the company Halloween party for years and they just now decided to put it into production. 5.7%.

Pours a dark amber orangish red color with a white type head.

Aroma is pumpkin, ginger, and sweet Malts. Lots of autumn spices in this.

Some spices with pumpkin flavorings and a sweet/spicy finish. Slight ginger that leads all the way to the finish. Definitely a spiced beer.




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