Day #336 – Dogfish Head Pangaea

December 3, 2011

Dogfish Head Pangaea


This one only recently came into our market and I was pleased to see it. This beer has been brewed using ingredients from all 7 continents. Here is the listing of ingredients and where they originate:

Crystallized ginger from Australia

Water from Antarctica

Basmati rice from Asia

Muscavado sugar from Africa

South American quinoa

European yeast

and North American maize.

What results is what sits in front of me, a spice beer that has 7% ABV.

Clouded orange pour with small bits of sediment that float in the pour. Large white head.

Spicy smell with hints of ginger. Also smells of grain and lots of citrus notes. Orange peels that smell very fresh.

Taste has immediate sweet spice, such as ginger and cinnamon. Easy grains creep in following that. Finishes with light hints of the previous spice. I don’t get any Penguin poop so that’s cool. Probably the closest I will ever been to Antarctica though. Glad to have tried this.




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