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Day #299 – Saint Arnold Santo

October 27, 2011

Rangers lost a tough one last night. Very rough. To cheer me up I’ve got a brand new beer from Texas!

Saint Arnold Santo


Santo is brewed by Saint Arnold Brewing company. It is being billed as a Black Kolsch, which technically does not exist as a style but that’s what they are sticking with. It’s a kolsch recipe with some darker malts tossed in. It has an ABV of 4.7%.

This beer pours a dark amber orange color that appears very clear. Tall white head sits on this.

The aroma is fairly nice. Definitely grainy on the nose, light and some caramel notes. Light fruit.

Has a light body reminiscent of a kolsch with a grainy flavor. Dark malts certainly bring a lot to this. Some roasted notes but overall remains light.




Day #182 – Franconia Kolsch

July 2, 2011

It’s hot. It’s damn hot outside. Freaken Texas summers. The iPhone is tellin me it’s 101 degrees. I went to Rahr earlier to quench my thirst but the heat kept beating me down. So I dropped by my local bar to grab a drink and I stumbled across a local beer I haven’t reviewed yet.

Franconia Kolsch


As you know Franconia is a local DFW brewery based in McKinney. The beer I am trying today is a Kolsch. The ABV isn’t listed online but if I were to guess I’d put it at 4.8%.

This beer pours a clear copper orange color which is significantly darker than the established kolsch style. Not that it’s a bad thing; merely an observation. It boasts a white ring of head.

The aroma is quite fruity. I am picking up a big bit of berries as well as grapefruit and almost a strawberry nose. Very fruity.

The flavor is also super fruity. I can taste strawberry, cherry and like a life-savers type flavor. Very fruity but refreshing.




Day #169 – Saint Arnold Weedwacker

June 19, 2011

The drum corps show last night was awesome and even though they haven’t released the judges scores yet, The Cavaliers won the fan vote last night! I was so proud of them, and they have a REALLY cool show this year. I’m excited to see how things develop over the season.


Saint Arnold Weedwacker

I’ve discussed before about the ingredients that make up your favorite frosty brew, and today’s beer owes everything to yeast. Yeast are the micro-organisms that consume the available sugars in the wort (pronounced wert) during the fermentation process and convert these sugars into CO2 and alcohol. There are many strains and varieties of brewers yeast available and each strain has a unique set of flavors and aroma characteristics. Saint Arnold decided to have some fun and play around with different strains of yeast. With the Weedwacker, they took a beer they already produce and distribute and changed the yeast just to see what would happen. The beer they experimented on was one of their most popular the Fancy Lawnmower. I reviewed this beer way back on Day 36 of this little project! Check it out. The original beer was a Kolsch and is one of the lighter styles of beer in regards to flavors and aromas. They switched out the regular kolsch yeast they typically use and tossed in a strain of Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast. This should change the flavor and aroma SIGNIFICANTLY. ABV is probably somewhere around 5%. Sorry for the inexact data today.


This beer pours a cloudy golden orange with swirls of yeast suspended in it. There is a pretty large head response and it actually took me a few minutes to finish pouring the entire beer. The appearance is different from that of the Lawnmower, slightly darker in color and not as clear.

The aroma here is big citrus, like major orange peel or lemon juice. Yeasty notes as well with perhaps a bit of a spicy nip. The aroma is DEFINITELY different from the Lawnmower with much more fruity esters in it.

The flavor is yeasty bread with a spice bite right off the bat. This eventually moves to a fruity flavor mixed with bubble gum notes. There is a slight bitter finish which I don’t recall tasting when I had this originally on tap. The flavor is wildly different from the Lawnmower, and to think, all they did was swap the yeast. This is very good and certainly would make for a relaxing outside drink.




Day #151 – Samuel Adams East-West Kolsch

June 1, 2011

Sam Adams came out with 2 new beers recently and a friend of mine dropped them by my house for the blog, so I will be reviewing them back to back.  First up is the kolsch.

Samuel Adams East-West Kolsch

This is a traditional Kolsch style that originated in Germany.  They used Alsatian Strisselspalt hops in it which are western noble hops. This is the “West” portion of the name.  The “East” portion comes from using a Japanese evening blooming flower in the brew, Jasmine Sambac.  ABV of 5.01%.  .01 for extra kolschiness.

This beer is clear and golden with lots of bubbles and carbonation.  It foams up to make a large head that suspends for awhile.

The aroma is dry and dusty, with grainy malts and slight lemon notes.  It has a small sweet floral aroma as well.

The flavor is fairly dry and very grainy.  The finish however is where the sweet citrus notes and smooth floralness comes into play and that’s what’s interesting about this beer.  Not bad for a new beer, and certainly refreshing.



Day #142 – Harpoon Summer Beer

May 23, 2011

Summer is upon us folks.  I have under a week of teaching left till summer break; we’ve been experiencing the start of Texas heat and thunderstorms and the Mavericks are on fire and play tonight.  I picked up a lot of summer beers for this week to get this thing kicked off!  Summer beers are smooth, easy-drinking and always refreshing.  Hopefully today’s will meet all those criteria.

Harpoon Summer Beer

Harpoon is out of Boston, Massachusetts.  Their summer beer is a Kolsch and carries a 5% ABV.  Fairly straightforward I believe.

This pours a fairly clear golden color that is very high in carbonation.  It builds a tall fizzy white head that foams and fizzes for awhile.

The aroma is very grassy and grainy.  There is maybe just the tiniest hint of skunk smell but it is kinda occluded by the grassy notes.  Minus the skunk that’s just about right for a kolsch.

Flavor is also grainy as well.  Some sweet notes but very grassy also.  Some bready malts, however it remains pretty smooth and refreshing.  I’m down with this for a summer beer.



Day #36 – Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Ale

February 6, 2011

In honor of the Packers winning the Super Bowl tonight (I hope), I reached for a bottle with lots of green on it out of my fridge.  It just so happens to be from Saint Arnold Brewing Company out of Houston, and it is their Fancy Lawnmower Ale.

Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Ale

This beer is classified as a Kolsch which is a very light-bodied ale that goes well on a hot summer day.  They are crisp and refreshing but are best drank at a cold temperature.  These beers do not fair too well when warm so drink up!  The funny thing is that a Kolsch is actually a lager, so calling it an ale is backwards….but such is Texas.

This beer pours a very clear golden color with a fizzy white head.  The head dissipates quickly after the pour but still maintains a bubbly body.

The aroma is dry grain, wheat, small citrus fruit and grass clippings.  Not sure if the grass-clippings is actually there or if it was implanted in my mind due to drinking out of a glass with grass on it.

The flavor is fairly fresh and refreshing.  Lots of grain and bready flavors, with a dry finish that touches on citrus fruit.   Lime perhaps.

This is absolutely a great beer for a hot day, used to cool down and quinch your thirst.