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Day #55 – Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale

February 25, 2011

Ok I promise I won’t buy any more Sam Adams beers until at least March.

Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale

This is a fairly new creation from Boston Beer Company, and was distributed in their most recent mix pack.  It is a pale ale that is brewed with significant amounts of rye for the base grain.  The addition of this much rye changes the beer from a pale ale style to Specialty Grain.  The alcohol level is at 5.5%.

This beer pours an attractive clear rustic orange with reddish highlights, and sports a frothy white head.

The aroma is grainy, with large notes going towards the rye, as well as a bit of spicy hops and caramel sweetness.

The flavor is bready and rye, with a substantial hop spice filling in right after this.  It finishes a bit dry but the rye notes continue on with some bitter spice.

Hooray for me finally making it through all my Samuel Adams beers!  I can’t wait for the next mix pack!!!