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Day #329 – Great Divide Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

November 26, 2011


Great Divide 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

This beer pours a clear orange color with a light ring of white head. This is an imperial IPA at 10%.

The aroma is full of lovely flavors. Woody notes, vanilla, and dark Malts. Some hops as well on the flavor.

Tastes dry and woody. Sweet vanilla flavors with oaky notes and light touches of alcohol. Very tasty and I certainly recommend it.



Day #258 – Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA

September 16, 2011

Long day; late night. Got a good beer that I’ll sip on for awhile. I’ve got a special treat lined up for tomorrow however!!!

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA


Harpoon Brewing is based out of Boston, MA. They started brewing a Leviathan series a few years back that are all usually big beers or high in alcohol. This is their Imperial IPA at 10%.

This beer pours a clear bright orange color with a fizzy white head.

Aroma is lots of hoppy notes and grapefruit. Fresh hops, resin and tree sap with perhaps a touch of wood.

Flavor is earthy and wet, sticky hops. Sweet citrus with a tart grapefruit flavor. Woody and bitter on the finish with a big tingle from the alcohol. Pretty good.




Day #222 – Squatters Hop Rising Double India Pale Ale

August 11, 2011

I was at a DCI watching party all night and just barely squeezed in a beer before midnight. For some strange reason, I forgot to type it up! Man I’ve really gotten out of my stride over summer. Hope I can get back in soon.

Squatters Hop Rising Double India Pale Ale


Squatters Pub (otherwise known as Salt Lake Brewing Company) is based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Only very recently have we started receiving their beers in north Texas. Not only that, but I’ve noticed a few other Utah companies sporting their wares around town. Wasatch is another that I’ve seen on tap, and the rumor is Uinta is looking to come here too. That would be awesome if that is the case! Today I’m reviewing a beer given to me by a friend and it looks to be a good one! Hop Rising is an Imperial IPA and has an ABV of 9%! I’m liking the looks of this already!

Pours a fairly clear rich amber color that edges on orange. Nice foamy off-white head billows up and lingers.

Aroma is pretty hoppy. Lots of wet hops, resin and sappy notes, grapefruit and lots of woody notes. Pretty hefty smell for sure.

Flavor is sharp hops, mixed with a sweet fruity sense. Bitter woody notes fill the finish. Nice hoppy flavor for sure. This is pretty solid. Good tingle down the throat on the finish.




Day #195 – Maui Brewing Double Overhead I.P.A.

July 15, 2011

I found a treat while out at the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas, and it comes in the form of an Imperial India Pale Ale from Maui! On tap and served in a delectable snifter.

Maui Brewing Double Overhead I.P.A.

Maui Brewing of course is located in Hawaii. I have reviewed several beers from them thus far and I am glad to see this one in front of me today. This is classified as an Imperial IPA with an ABV of 8.5%. Can’t enjoy too many of these consecutively now. I think I’ll just have 1.

Pours a very rich rouge color with slight touches of orange. Foamy off white head. Very large head response, and it looks nice.

Aroma is very hoppy. Lots of pine notes, sap and resin. Not overpowering though and that’s always a plus for me and big hoppy beers. Sometimes I like to be bowled over with hops but not all the time. This is pleasant and I like it.

Flavor is super sweet hops, lots of tree sap and resin, earthy grassy notes that leave a big tingle on the palate. Very hoppy, very sweet. Altogether I rather like it.




Day #185 – Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

July 5, 2011

I’ve put off today’s beer for long enough. I was really hoping that I could find this one in a bottle somewhere so I could enjoy it in one of my many Dogfish Head specialty glasses but to no avail. I have seen bottles of this before, but as of January 2nd (when I officially started this project) I have yet to see them return. It seems North Texas gets an odd assortment of DFH now, on tap and in bottles. Maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right place, I don’t know. But anyways, today I’m buckling down and will be enjoying one of Dogfish Head’s top sellers.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA


This is an Imperial IPA from Dogfish Head, and in my opinion it’s one of their best. I didn’t always feel that way however. When I first started trying new beer, I came across this brewery with a funny name, Dogfish Head. Well at this point I had only been drinking beer for a matter of months and had no idea what an India Pale Ale was, much less that this was the Imperial version of that. I had no idea what 90 minute stood for and frankly didn’t care. I split a 6 pack with some buddies of mine and we all opened the bottles at the same time. I can’t describe to you the utter horror and frustration that escaped the apartment at that moment. No one knew that a beer could (and should) taste like this. We were taken back and I was angry. Yes I was angry! From all the commercials I had seen, I was under the impression that beer should be light, crisp and refreshing; and come with 2 busty babes dripping with water. Well it took many years to re-educate myself on beer but I gathered the nerve to try this beer again and I found that it was not what I originally thought it was. I actually found myself craving the taste of hops and the rest is history. I actually haven’t tried this beer in awhile so I’m quite excited to try it again! 9% alcohol…yikes! (I’ve got a killer beer planned for Friday.)

This beer pours a slightly hazy orange color that appears very bright when put to the light. It holds a foamy off-white head that sticks around for quite a bit.

The aroma is wow! Intense! I smell lots of sweet hops, fruity and floral in nature. Very fat smelling.

The flavor is certainly hops. There is a big tingle over the palate from the raised alcohol levels. Sweet, almost syrupy sugar flavors touch on spicy hops and pine. I remember this being super piney and sappy before so I wonder if they have changed the recipe? Regardless it still remains a very good beer!




Day #181 – Breckenridge 471 Small Batch IPA

July 1, 2011

Just got back from a vacation and had a lovely hoppy beer waiting for me.

Breckenridge 471 Small Batch IPA


Breckenridge started making small batches of different styles of beer several years ago, and this is their big IPA version. It is so big in fact that it is classified as an Imperial IPA. The ABV is at 9.2% and I am glad I’m splitting this bottle with a few people!

This beer pours a clear golden orange color with a foamy white head. Looks quite nice.

The aroma is quite hoppy. Wet drippy hops with resin, syrup and some woody notes. Smells quite hoppy.

Flavor is very orange, like big orange peels. The hops provide a gentle bitterness with a huge citrus flavor. Man this is nice! I am down with this beer.




Day #162 – Avery The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale

June 12, 2011

Just like that, my week of IPA is over. Don’t worry folks, I’ll be sending her out with just as much glory as we began. I saved today’s beer especially for today as it is the craziest, most intense beer of the week! Hold on to your hats…

Avery The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale


The Maharaja is big and bad and certainly knows it! It’s brewed by Avery Brewing Company and is part of the Dictator series from them. They have released several beers that are named after different dictatorship positions. All of them are huge. This one is an Imperial India Pale Ale and comes in at a strong 10.54% ABV. The IBU’s (International Bittering Units) are also interesting to note at 102. In terms of bitterness this is near the high end of the spectrum.

BTW I also wanted to give a big shout out to my DALLAS MAVERICKS who are the NBA Champions for 2011! Gotta love the home team!

This beer has a bright orange color with lots of carbonation. Bubbles continuously emanate from the bottom of the glass and form into a foamy white head at the top.

The aroma is very sweet. Lots of tree sap, syrup, resins and hops! Major hops and sweet fruit are in this beer. The aroma is very intense!

The flavor of this beer is very hoppy and quite bitter. Lots of woody notes and aged characteristics can be tasted. Sweet grapefruit leads to a dry finish. Man this is crazy.

Well it was a great week of IPAs. I had several very good ones and had a great trip out to a beer tasting. I have a feeling that I will be picking up some dark beers for this coming week….too much of a good thing is never great. Congrats to my Mavs too!


Also sorry about the Easter bag in the background…leftover from some of my students haha!