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Day #256 – Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock

September 14, 2011

Today has been a long freaken day and I’m dragging in my place just now. Work in the morning, a baby shower right after that and then went straight to work my second job doing valet. It was certainly profitable and I’ll miss the extra income once the season ends, I know I can’t keep up this pace.

Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock


Indian Wells is a new brewery for my blog. It’s based out of, let me make sure I spell this right, Inyokern, California. Haha! This is a Doppelbock at 10.8%! Looks like I’ll be passing out shortly then.

This beer pours a dark and murky brown color that has small rosy highlights when put to the light. Slow to develop a head response but it is colored a tan hue.

Aroma is warm chocolate and bread first thing! Dark chocolate, dark malts that are pretty roasted. Sweet smelling as well but only in the slightest.

Flavor is dark malts and roast with a fairly bitter bite. Metallic and briny almost in nature. Aroma is much better than the flavor. Even still, that being said the flavor isn’t too bad. Just doesn’t live up to the aroma.


Cheers! Now time for bed.


Day #176 – Spaten Optimator

June 26, 2011

Last night was crazy, but days like that happen. Sometimes
My blog posts don’t fit easily into my schedule but so far I’ve kept up with it! I’ll be sure that today’s beer and post are much better!

Spaten Optimator


Spaten Optimator is brewed by Spaten-Franziskaner based out of Munich, Germany. It is classified as a Doppelbock at 7.6% ABV. Spaten was bought out by InBev which technically rules it out of being a craft beer but this stuff is definitely worth a blog post on.

This beer pours a clear brownish-red color with a fizzy off-white head. It is very attractive when held to the light.

Aroma is dark malts first with a big fruity nose. Dark fruits; grapes and plums with a grainy end.

The flavor is dark malts and grains and a nice sweet finish. The fruity flavors are very smooth, with a bit of a tingle over the palate. This beer is even better on Draught. Very nicely done.




Day #21 – Humperdinks Defibulator

January 22, 2011

Today is day 21 and on this day I decided to review a beer from a local brewpub. Brewpubs are slightly different from breweries in that they cannot distribute their products to retailers. Although this law may be about to change. There is a bill in the Texas House that is seeking to allow brewpubs to distribute. I’ll post some more info on this soon, but let’s hope for the best!

Humperdinks Defibulator

Humperdinks restaurants have several locations throughout the Metroplex. They also have a nationwide distribution under the name “Big Horn”. Not bad if you are in the area.

I had this on Tap at the Arlington location. Pours a dark brown color with rosy highlights as it’s held to the light. Very little head but that could be due to the pour.

Faint aroma of roasted caramel, dark malts and sweet sugar. Some dark fruit aromas as well. That is odd as a beer of this style shouldn’t have overt fruit tones. This might point to some latent flaws or difficulties. We shall see.

The flavor is upfront dark malts with a big sweet ’n sour fruityness. The alcohol kick is certainly felt on the finish. Very warming indeed. Mix of chocolate and green apple on the finish. I’m not sure when this beer was brewed but it almost tastes too young. Would like the fruitiness to age out of this at some point, with an emphasis placed on the roasted notes.