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Day #139 – Kulmbacher Eisbock

May 20, 2011

Not a beer from America today but that’s OK. I nearly flipped my lid when I saw this beer at the store so I couldn’t resist to pick it up. I love this beer!

Kulmbacher Eisbock


An Eisbock is a new style for my blog. It starts off as a traditional bock but after brewing it is subsequently frozen. The top layer of ice is discarded leaving the resulting brew stronger in alcohol with more aged characteristics than before. This particular one is from Kulmbach, Germany and is a luscious 9.2%ABV.

I get to share this beer with a friend tonight! Every beer tastes better when enjoyed in good company.

The appearance is no less than gorgeous. It has a beautiful ruby red hue that touches on orange near the edges when put to the light. It also has a very tall beige head that foams up and stays that way for awhile. Very lovely!

The aroma is lovely as well. I smell lots of clay notes with definite wood age and lots of dark fruit. Perhaps plums or black cherries? Very nice and warm smelling. You can tell that this is strong.

Taste is immediately strong wood aged notes with a backbone of black bitter fruit and berries. Finishes strong with a linger of bitter malts with a touch of sweetness.