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Day #206 – Franconia Alt

July 26, 2011

Sorry for the late post. Last night was a little crazy.

Franconia ALT

Stopped in for my usual Ginger Man night and found a new Texas beer on tap. It’s from Franconia which makes this a new DFW beer! It is classified as an Altbier at 4.7%.


This beer pours a slightly hazy rich orange color with a light layer of white head.

The aroma is laid back and easy. Light notes of grassy hops with some earthy notes and grains. Subtle I would say.

Flavor is upfront hops and grassy tones, with a grainy body and slick mouthfeel. Light malts but has a bitter finish. Could use a little more sweetness I think.



Day #192 – Rahr & Sons Gravel Road

July 12, 2011

Alright well I feel that I have some making up to do after the past 2 days of crappy submissions. Like I mentioned yesterday, sometimes life happens and you just have to make due with what you are given, and I was given a Victoria. 🙂 Who would I be to turn down a free beer?!?! Oh well, today is a day I have been looking forward to for some time now. Rahr & Sons released a new beer this weekend, but I held off on trying it until today because today is….you guessed it….glass night at the Ginger Man! The glass for this beer is freaken BADASS and I am super excited to get it!

Rahr & Sons Gravel Road

Gravel Road is described as a German-Style Sticke Altbier (for the purposes of this blog we’ll call it an Altbier). Sometimes you will see this word “Sticke” tacked on before some beers. Sticke is what I believe to be a German word that translates to “secret”. So in other words, you will not be finding the recipe to this beer on google anytime soon! 🙂 It has an ABV of 7.25%. Here comes the glass….

Poured into my badass Rahr mason jar. Pours a dark reddish to orange color with a light ring of white head.

Aroma is fairly hoppy with a caramel sweetness. Very smooth smelling. Sweet candied sugar also.

Flavor is a good mix of sweet malts and floral hops. Light bitter finish with a lingering sweetness. This is well done.




Day #166 – (512) ALT

June 16, 2011

Yet another Texas beer today folks and it’s one that I’ve been waiting to make it up to DFW.

(512) ALT


(512) Brewing Company as you recall is based out of Austin (hence the name). Their ALT is classified as an Altbier which is a type of hybrid style. It is fermented warm at ale temperatures but then lagered at colder temps. The ABV is at 6%. With this beer I have now tried every beer (512) has released! (Which is 12 but I’ve only featured 4 of them on this blog).

This beer pours a clear light copper color with a small white head. The head dissipates fairly quickly but remains long enough to leave a residue on the edge of the glass.

The aroma is big time caramel malts and grains. Smooth and sweet with a tad bit of roastedness.

Flavor is caramel sweet with a nutty bite. Light bitter finish from the hops but also a roasty finish.

Nice and well done. This company has a bright future!




Day #63 – Shiner Old-Time Alt

March 5, 2011

Well as soon as it began, Shiner Week is coming to a close.  It was a nice stroll down memory lane, but I quickly realized it was a past viewed through rose-tinted lenses.  Some of the beers were fairly disappointing, yet some were just as I remembered and very quaffable.  (It’s a real word.  Look it up!)  I saved one of the Shiner beers for today that I am *hoping* will be a solid beer to end on.  It’s a new style regardless so that in itself is always cool.  It always enjoy adding new links to my beer styles page.  I may do another week devoted to a brewery again sometime….but not in the near future.

Shiner Old-Time Alt

Shiner Old-Time Alt was released just a few months ago in their Brewer’s Pride series.  This series is supposed to be a small batch offering of a rotating style.  This beer is classified as an Altbier, which is a well hopped and malty lager that originated in the Germanic areas.  “Alt” is the German word for “old” and is basically their easy-drinking ale that can be drank several in succession.

This beer pours a very attractive clear copper orange color with a nice white frothy head.  This is pretty clear but it is certainly attractive to look at.

The aroma is sweet malts and caramel grains.  Nice gentle aroma without any notes of corn!!!  This small batch must have been brewed with REAL ingredients and what a difference it makes!  2 for 2 so far Shiner.

The flavor is slightly bitter upfront, with bitter bready grains and semi-sweet malts.  The finish is a bit dry with a lingering touch of bready malts.  Hell yeah.

Maybe this isn’t the best beer I’ve ever had, but after the week I just experienced I am very very pleased with this.  Either way, it’s a shame that this is a limited-release small batch that is only available in the Shiner Family Reunion mix pack.  I’m going to enjoy every bit of this glass tonight.