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Day #242 – Genesee Cream Ale

August 31, 2011

Tired; just rollin in from working all day, teaching and valet. Time for a beer then bed.

Genesee Cream Ale


Genesee Cream Ale is brewed by the Genesee Brewing Company based out of Rochester, NY. I bet they got some rain on the brewery this past week from Irene. The cream ale is probably their highest distributed beer. It is obviously categorized as a Cream Ale and has 5.1% ABV.

This beer pours a very clear, light golden color with a fizzy white head. It almost touches on straw.

The aroma leaves much to be desired. It is mainly soured grains and malts with some bitter notes and maybe a touch of sweetness.

Flavor matches the aroma almost perfectly, with bitter notes and grains and very little sweetness. This is a beer to pound after a long day of work and then go to bed. Even then….it’s not that good.




Day #39 – Uncle Billys Back 40 Blonde Ale

February 9, 2011

I’m on a road trip for the next few days to Austin and San Antonio, and I thought that it would be neat to review a few beers that can only be sought out at these locations.  Today I’m at Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que in Austin, TX.

Uncle Billys Back 40 Blonde Ale

Uncle Billy’s is a brewpub, which means they brew their beer right on site.  Some brewpubs can distribute their beer to different cities, but Texas still cannot.  That is until the HB 660 passes in the State Legislature.  To find out more about this bill, check out this blog here.

This beer is classified as a Cream Ale, which means it is usually a light bodied ale, and has some sort of sweet cream used in the brewing process.

The appearance has a slightly cloudy, light yellow appearance with a small white head.  Fairly standard appearance.

The aroma is quite nice, of bananas and citrus fruit. Lots of sweetness on the nose, with some wheat tones and grain.  Very sweet.

Flavor is fruity and dry grains. Finishes with big dry bitterness. Not bad minus the finish.

This is very approachable for a light beer.