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Day #357 – Rahr & Sons Texas Red

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas eve! Tonight I’ve got another beer from Rahr, but it was after I took a trip to Rahr and brought home an awesome present!! Check it out in the photo later on.

Rahr & Sons Texas Red


I am fairly shocked that I have not yet reviewed this beer as it is one of Rahr’s year-round offerings. I will be wrapping up several Texas beers this week that I have yet to feature on my blog. This is a Vienna Lager at 4.7% ABV.

This beer pours an amber orange color with a white foamy head. Pretty easy so far.

Aroma is biscuit malt, some small scent of nuts and lightly roasted grains.

The flavor seems to match the aroma, with roasted grains, biscuity with a clean finish. Now check out my early present!!!


9 to go…


Day #191 – Victoria

July 11, 2011

Alright, I am away from my regular stash and life tonight so I am going to have to make do with what is available to me. And what is available to me is….not what I would like to feature. But hey! It’s the year 2011; I can roll with it. And I realize I started 3 sentences with prepositions….suck it 6th grade English.



Victoria is a beer straight from Mexico. It is a Vienna Lager and is only about 4% ABV. It comes in a clear brown bottle and I don’t have too high of expectations but you never know; so I will keep an open mind here. I believe Victoria wasn’t distributed to our area until about the beginning of this year. Let’s see how she goes.

Appearance is a dark orange color that turns a light copper when held to the light. It forms a gentle white head that dissipates quite quickly.

Aroma is not too good. Mainly grains and soured notes that do not appeal well to the nose. Light and bready.

Flavor is sweet Malts that quickly have a bitter end. Taste is about what you’d expect for a beer of this region and style. Meh it is what it is.




Day #127 – Full Sail Limited Edition Lager (LTD 05)

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day! I was out all day with my family and watching the Mavericks move past the Lakers to the finals. I also went and saw Thor tonight which was pretty cool; a little corny but still cool. Because of all this, I am SUPER tired and will be making today’s post short and sweet.

Full Sail Limited Edition Lager (LTD 05)

Full Sail Brewing Company is based out of Hood River, Oregon and has been in business for around 25 years now. They opened up in 1987 and in the year 2007 decided to do something special to celebrate their anniversary. They created the LTD series which stands for Limited Edition. This was to be an ever-changing series that would feature a new lager recipe every year. They are finally up to the 5th version this year and it is a Vienna lager at 5.6%.


It has a clear orange colored pour with very little carbonation.  Pretty much still with a few slight bubbles perhaps.

The aroma is….not that great actually.  Kind of like soured grain and cardboard with a bit of caramel malts to fill in the backbone.  Not to thrilled so far.

Flavor is a bit better than the nose, but only by a small margin.  Flavor is dry and grainy with some bitter malts and a touch of salt to finish it off.  Kind of bitter but not much.

Eh, not really feeling this one guys.  Sorry!



Day #53 – Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

February 23, 2011

Another Texas brew today, and it’s from Rahr.  Now this beer is apparently the same beer as the Rahr & Sons Red….even though I’m not entirely convinced of this.  They are both labeled differently and are sold and differing prices even.  I’ve asked the guys at Rahr about it and they did mention that there are lots of similarities, including the grain bill (meaning the base ingredients) but they did say that there were some small differences.  Perhaps I’ll review the Red version of their beer and compare the reviews?  Sounds like a plan.  Anyways this is what is known as an “alias beer”.  I will get more into aliased beers on Thursday, when I am planning on reviewing one.

On to the beer….

Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

The story behind the name on this beer is reported to be from 3 ranching brothers who were sharing a beer together, when one of the brothers remarked that an ice-cold beer was the only thing that allowed him to forget about the daily sight of a Buffalo’s….butt.  A brewmaster who overheard the conversation loved the name, and there you have it!

This beer is classified as a Vienna Lager and boasts 4.7% ABV.

This beer pours a very clear, light orange color with a tall white head.  The picture shows it to be a bit darker than it actually was.  Thankfully it is nowhere NEAR the color of a buffalo’s……butt.

It has a fairly standard bready sweetness aroma of caramel malts.   It also has a soft floral touch of gentle hops that I am beginning to associate with Rahr beers.  I wonder if they have a house strain of yeast.

The flavor is very bready and grainy, with a light sweetness that touches near the end of the swallow.  It has a fairly refreshing quality that is nice and tasty.  It also has a bit of a bitter flavor that pushes through the finish.  On tap I remember this being more pronounced, so I’m definitely recommending the bottled version more.



Day #14 – Samuel Adams Boston Lager

January 15, 2011

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Here it is.  The flagship beer that started it all for Samuel Adams back in 1984 when Jim Koch started up his craft brewery.  This was the first recipe that he used and I’m not sure it has changed as much in these 26 years.  This beer will be the first lager that I have reviewed, so I should briefly touch on the differences between lagers and ales.  Actually, I will make it very brief as I can probably write enough on this subject to lend it’s own post eventually.  So I’ll leave that for another time.  I had to pause my movie to knock out this review, so let’s get right to it!

This beer is classified as a Vienna Lager, which is usually darker and more flavorful than it’s pale cousin.  They can often times resemble Oktoberfests, although that style has a classification all it’s own, by being malty and amber colored.  Vienna’s are so named due to the development of the style around the area of Vienna, Austria.  Several great composers lived in Vienna, such as Mozart and Haydn, and I bet they all drank Samuel Adams beer.  That is not up for debate either.  🙂

This beer should be properly served out of a lager glass, and my lager glass totally kicks glass.

The beer pours a light to burnt orange color with a frothy white head.  The wide lip of this glass lends itself to a fantastic forming head, which I so eloquently demonstrated in pouring this beer.  Even after sitting for awhile, the head is still present and lots of carbonation bubbles are streaming up from the bottom of the glass.  A little light in color, but nonetheless very pretty to look at.

The aroma is first up heavy malts and grain, with a fair bit of hopped backbone.  Lagers of this style are not typically known for their hop concentration, but the Boston Lager is a bit of an exception here.  This particular beer also smells a bit dusty, but only in the slightest.  Best before May 2011 so it’s still good.

Flavor is bready and malty, with a bit of dry bitterness towards the end.  This bitterness is drawn from the hops which are more felt than tasted.  There is certainly no lack of flavor here, which Samuel Adams usually prides themselves on.  The finish is also fairly dry and leaves a light bitter touch on the tongue.  Hops can be tasted after the swallow. 

4.9% ABV.  Certainly sessionable and was made to be that way, but it would go better with a meal rather than a drink all it’s own.  The bitterness on the finish may be distasteful to some, but given a chance, this beer is well made and has merits of it’s own.