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Day #150 – Rahr & Sons Summertime Wheat

May 31, 2011

It’s a great day to be a Texan folks! Tonight the Dallas Mavericks begin their second trip to the finals, and it’s to battle the loathsome Miami Heat which beat us on our first trip to the finals back in 2006. It’s rematch time and this time we are thirsty for blood. I’ll be watching the game and cheering on my Mavs tonight with some buds (that’s friends, not Budweisers) but first I am dropping by my weekly bar to pick up the glass of the night. In yesterday’s post I gave a hint as to what this would be by serving the beer in a particular glass. This was an older glass that I have had for awhile, and I have heard that Rahr changed the label and design of the glass. I’m hoping for something cool! Anyways there’s just enough time for a beer before the game starts.

Rahr & Sons Summertime Wheat

Summertime Wheat is a German Hefeweizen at 5.5%. It is said to have just a bit of rye malt to give this beer a Texas-sized kick! Here we go…

I walked into the bar and immediately ran into the owners, Fritz and Erin Rahr. Greeted with a smile and a handshake, I was pleased to learn that the glass of the night was INDEED the tall Weizen glass! Very excited. Here’s a picture of Fritz giving a brewery tour last Saturday:

This beer pours a cloudy orange-yellow color with a tall foamy white head. The head is maintained for several minutes as it crests the rim and gently slopes down the outside of the glass. BTW I should mention it is really cool to look down the bar and see EVERYONE drinking the same thing. That never happens here.

The aroma is wheaty and grainy upfront with an immediate shift to a floral fruit-like nose. Large elements of lemon citrus and perhaps a bit of banana as well. That’s nice to see considering it was initially served without a lemon. (They left one on the side incase i wanted it.) This beer also sports a fair bit of spice, cloves or maybe a subtle coriander.

The first thing I taste is quite bready. Lots of wheats and grain characteristics. The sweet fruit flavors come towards the middle of the drink and last through the finish. Gentle spice as well. Very nice and refreshing. Adding the lemon slice adds an obvious boost of citrus and light tartness, but the fruit slice is unnecessary for this particular Hefeweizen.

Well I made it past my first sip before the person next to me lit up a cigarette. Glad I was able to enjoy one sip before all my senses went to hell. Boo on you.

To everyone else: Cheers!


Day #149 – Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55

May 30, 2011

It’s Day 149 of my beer blog but also Day 1 of p90x for me, and BOY am I tired!  I went to dinner with my family and watched a movie and I was falling asleep the whole time.  I’m hoping tonight’s beer will be a quick and easy-drinker.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55

This beer is from the Brooklyn Brewing Company and was created in honor of Brooklyns World Champion baseball team.  I’m alittle surprised that I have not reviewed any Brooklyn beers until now.  They are a large player in the craft beer industry and distribute several beers to our area. This is also a new style for my blog (!) which is getting harder and harder to come by.  It is classified as an English Pale Ale.  There is a slight difference from a standard American Pale Ale by the hop varieties they use and a more even malt balance.  We should expect this one to be fairly easy to drink.  ABV 5.1%.  (Would’ve been cool if it were 5.5%)

This beer pours a clear heavy orange-copper color with a tall foamy head response.  I put it in this particular glass as a sneak preview of my plans for tomorrow night. 🙂

The aroma is malty and nutty, with some sappy-syrupy notes.  Slight hop aroma but they are of the earthy variety.  Definite strong aroma.

Flavor is spicy yet dry.  Malty notes for sure with a slight spice of hops.  There is also a prominent tea leaf flavor in this as well.  Medium dry finish.  Fairly refreshing.



Day #148 – Dogfish Head Namaste

May 29, 2011

Dogfish Head Namaste

Short one today but it’s from Dogfish Head. And it’s a beer that we have not seen yet in Texas. The Namaste is a Belgian style Witbier and has an ABV of 5%.

I have tried this both on tap and out of the bottle. Today I am sampling it on Draught.

The appearance is slightly cloudy golden color with a white ring of head.

Big aroma of coriander, orange peel and light grain. Some honey notes.

Flavor is slightly watery, coriander, grains with a citrus element. Fruity mix with a solid finish. Nice.

All in all pretty tasty. Cheers!


Day #147 – Beer Tasting II

May 28, 2011

Sorry for the delay folks.  We had a nice beer tasting last night and it went well into the morning hours.  All of the beers we had are unavailable in Texas but they were some very good beers from some very good breweries!  I’ll give a brief overview of each plus a picture. Here we go.

Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale

(Sour Ale)  Pours a murky murky maroon color with a decent sized head. For a company that gets docked for having little carbonation this bottle sure shot the cork across the room! Aroma is slightly warm notes, alcohol, dark fruit and lots of sour notes. Sour notes for sure. Dry acidic taste. Sour finish. A bit harsh.

Hair of the Dog Adam

(Traditional Ale)  Apparently this is the best trad ale around as it is the highest rated.  Pours a dark ruddy brown color with very low carbonation. This had a light hiss to it when I popped the cap. Aroma is syrupy, woody and dark fruit. Some clay notes. Flavor is lots of caramel notes, alcohol burn, lots of wood, clay and slight smoke. Crazy intense.

New Glarus Thumbprint Series IIPA

(Imperial IPA) Pours a clear orange color with a nice fizzy white head. Aroma is thick drippy hops; musty and sappy. Huge aroma. Flavor is sharp hops, forest notes and pine trees. Drippy hops and pine trees. Crazy wet hops. Finishes sharp and bitter.

Bells Porter

(Porter) Pours a dark brown color with a small bit of bubbles. Aroma is huge roasted chocolate and dark malts. Warm notes. Flavor is roasted notes and bitter chocolate. Bitter roasted finish. A little smoky.

Bells Cherry Stout

(Sweet Stout) Pours a dark brown color with a ring of tan head. Aromas is smoky for sure. Light fruity notes of cherry. Dark malts. Flavor is cherry sweet and tart at the same time. Dark malty flavor. Sweet notes for sure.

Lost Abbey The Angels Share

(Barley Wine) I tried to shoot the cork and it drooped out by my feet. Pours a dark brownish red color. Low low low carbonation. Aroma is dark fruit, cherries, play doh clay and wood. Flavor is heavy dark fruit with a huge alcohol burn. Clay flavor also. Woody malty notes. Finishes sweet and clay.

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

(Imperial Stout) Pours a very dark black color with a tan type head. Aroma of cocoa nibs, smoked malts, beef and dark chocolate. A bit of chewing tobacco. Nice. Flavor is roasted and dusty. Dark chocolate notes. Lovely toasted beef flavor. Superb.

Well there you go!  Lots of fun and tasty beers that I am glad to have gotten the chance to try.



Day #146 – Breckenridge SummerBright Ale

May 27, 2011

Wow today has been a busy busy day for me!  First off it was the last day of school for me so I am officially on summer vacation.  When I got home I immediately started work on my homebrewing.  It seems I am running my own little brewery here!  I had to bottle a beer and transfer another into a secondary vessel.  It was really awesome pulling beer out of one carboy, quickly cleaning and sanitizing it only to put another beer in it.  I felt very professional today.  10:40 pm and I am just now getting a chance to sit down and open a beer.  I’ll probably have a homebrew tonight too but it seems like a great opportunity to break into another one of my summer beers.

Breckenridge SummerBright Ale

Breckenridge is a Denver, Colorado brewery and this is their summer beer.  It is classified as a wheat ale and has an ABV of 4.5%.  Very easy-going.

This beer pours a slightly hazy light golden color with a small white head.  Not a large head response to speak of.

The aroma is very wheaty with a strong citrus orange aroma.  Some lemon tartness; mainly grainy.

Flavor is also grainy and citrus sweet.  Dry flavor of wheat that finishes much the same.  Lots of sweet fruit flavors make this easy and smooth to drink.  Just what I needed to cap off this long day.



Day #145 – Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

May 26, 2011

Well I think I’ve taken a sufficient amount of time off from Sam Adams beers, and since we are getting into one of my favorite seasons for beer I will have to review some!

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Good ole’ Boston Beer Company.  It’s been awhile but here we are again.  Today I have their Cherry Wheat which is classified as a Fruit Beer.  It has an ABV of 5.4%.  Apparently it is brewed with real Michigan cherries to maintain freshness and authenticity to the style.  This beer started off as a summer seasonal for Sam Adams but the demand was so great for it they decided to put it in year-round.

Ah there’s my Samuel Adams glass.  Haven’t used this guy in awhile either!  This beer pours a clear light orange color with a very foamy, frothy white head.  The head does not go down quickly in the least.

The aroma is most certainly fresh cherries!  Wow I can close my eyes and almost visualize a bowl of cherries.  Lots of sweet fruit as well as a dry grain/wheat feel.  The dryness also has a slight woody smell to it as well.

Flavor is dry cherries and wheat, with a lovely sweet finish.  The aftertaste is ALL cherry.  Wheat grains and malts fill out the mouthfeel.  Absolutely refreshing and makes for a great summer beer.



Day #144 – Rahr & Sons Pecker Wrecker

May 25, 2011

I am officially a graduate student as of this week.  Most of you know I am a teacher, and I have started my graduate studies into Eduactional Administration.  I have no idea how this will affect my free time or my ability to have a beer daily, but if I am able to then I will absolutely continue this blog!

Rahr & Sons Pecker Wrecker

I have so longed to see this beer come out of retirement.  I first heard about the Pecker Wrecker many years ago when I started going to Rahr on the weekends.  They had a huge banner on the wall with this picture of a wood pecker driving a tow truck.  I thought that was so cool but by that time they had ceased making it.  Apparently there was some difficulty with the TABC not liking the name of the beer but it appears they got things sorted out.  Very glad to see this in their line-up again!

The Pecker Wrecker is classified as an Imperial Pilsner/Strong Pale Lager and has an ABV of 7%.  It’s interesting to note the misnomer on the label due to the state of Texas requiring them to label it as an “ale” when the beer inside is CLEARLY a lager.  Silly state.

Pours a clear dark copper color with a tall frothy white head.  It looks lovely in my 5th anniversary Rahr glass.  Lots of carbonation bubbles present too.

The aroma is dry, malty with a strong peanutty aroma.  Slight wood but mainly malty.  I suppose I could see some earthy hops in this but they are subtle.

Flavor is also dry and malty bitter.  Dry grains and nuts continue throughout.  The flavor is mostly concentrated around these grainy/bready notes.  Slight hops emerge as it warms.  Finishes warm with a medium body and light bitterness.  Hmm, well it’s straightforward I suppose with the warmness of a higher alcohol beer.