Day #171 – Abita Select Triple Haze

June 21, 2011

I headed to my usual bar today. Walk in the door and headed to my usual stool and what do I discover? The bar is packed! Not sure what the deal was but it was busy as hell. I had somewhere to be shortly thereafter so I picked up my beer and reviewed it quickly. I actually tasted the beer before I looked up any info on it, and I’m sure you’ll see my surprise.

Abita Select Triple Haze


Abita is based in Louisiana, in Abita Springs no less and most of their major lineup makes it to north Texas. They recently created their Select series in which they are trying new styles in a small batch format. The Triple Haze is an off-set of their Purple Haze which I have yet to review. Both are fruit beers but this one is 8% ABV.

This beer pours a very hazy (ha!) almost murky brownish orange. More orange than brown I would say, with a small white head that left the bar faster than I did.

Aroma is…wow I wasn’t expecting that. Apparently I didn’t do my homework on this beer as I am trying it before looking up the preceding details. The aroma is crazy raspberries and wheat tones. Grainy but tart raspberry for sure! Definitely wasn’t expecting that!

The flavor is big ole’ fat raspberry tartness. Lots of fruit and a light bitter grain flavor as well. Man looking at the name of the beer I just automatically assumed it was a Trippel but boy was I wrong! All that being said, it’s actually not bad. The raspberries just caught me off guard but if you want something a little more fruity than most then reach for one of these.



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