Day #104 – Jester King/Mikkeller Drink’in the Sunbelt

April 15, 2011

Taking my blog on the road today to a fairly new bar in Dallas called the Meddlesome Moth. It is a fairly classy restaurant that prides itself on a great beer selection. Part of their slogan is “if you see it on a commercial, we probably don’t carry it.” They also carry several hard to find Texas beers and feature their breweries. I am looking at the beer list right now and have already handed off the keys to my buddy. It’s gonna be a good night!


Jester King/Mikkeller Drink’in the Sunbelt

As I have mentioned before, Jester King is a fairly new brewery out of Austin, TX. They have however been making huge strides to becoming a big player in the craft brewing industry. This beer is a collaboration with a European brewery, Mikkeller. Mikkeller has already established themselves as a worldwide fixture in quality beer, and the fact they are already collaborating with our little Texas brewery in itself is pretty amazing. It is interesting to note that Mikkeller does not technically have a building of their own to brew at. They contract with some friendly breweries around Europe. How cool is that??

On to the beer. It was served as a part of the flight you see above.

This beer pours a cloudy light orange to almost gold pour. Big white head response. They had to pour it several times before it calmed down.

The aroma is very hoppy, but in the harsher sense. Small lemon citrus notes with a fat punch of almost catty hops. Some sweet fruit prevails.

Watery mouthfeel with honestly a weak flavor. Very bitter hops on the flavor with maybe some sweet fruit? Whatever redeeming qualities it may have is demolished by the SUPER bitter hop flavor.


Too bitter, not enough malt/grain backbone to support it. It was an interesting idea to collaborate with a world renown brewer, but this fell short.



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  1. […] being held at the Meddlesome Moth. You may recall this location from one of my previous posts found HERE. I was very impressed by them the last time I went and feel it’s worth it to head on out […]

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