Day #145 – Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

May 26, 2011

Well I think I’ve taken a sufficient amount of time off from Sam Adams beers, and since we are getting into one of my favorite seasons for beer I will have to review some!

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Good ole’ Boston Beer Company.  It’s been awhile but here we are again.  Today I have their Cherry Wheat which is classified as a Fruit Beer.  It has an ABV of 5.4%.  Apparently it is brewed with real Michigan cherries to maintain freshness and authenticity to the style.  This beer started off as a summer seasonal for Sam Adams but the demand was so great for it they decided to put it in year-round.

Ah there’s my Samuel Adams glass.  Haven’t used this guy in awhile either!  This beer pours a clear light orange color with a very foamy, frothy white head.  The head does not go down quickly in the least.

The aroma is most certainly fresh cherries!  Wow I can close my eyes and almost visualize a bowl of cherries.  Lots of sweet fruit as well as a dry grain/wheat feel.  The dryness also has a slight woody smell to it as well.

Flavor is dry cherries and wheat, with a lovely sweet finish.  The aftertaste is ALL cherry.  Wheat grains and malts fill out the mouthfeel.  Absolutely refreshing and makes for a great summer beer.



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