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Day #364 – Deschutes The Abyss

December 31, 2011

364. To many it is merely a number. A number that doesn’t get used very often, has no real meaning or representation outside of being in-between 363 and 365, but to me it has meaning. It represents 364 days of hard work, planning, drinking beer and writing about it. It represents being on the precipice of completing a journey and achieving a goal that I set for myself 364 days ago. I am almost there. What better way to celebrate a year of beer than to finish up with a couple beers that are a year old? Today and tomorrow I will be featuring beers that are as old (or older) than this blog. I am SUPER excited about both….but first we have today’s beer.

Deschutes The Abyss


Holy Crap. This is one of the biggest, baddest beers out there on the market today, and I am pleased to have it sitting in front of me today. This is The Abyss, an imperial stout from Deschutes Brewery out of Bend, Oregon. It is 11% ABV and will knock your socks off if you aren’t worthy of it’s greatness. Keep in mind that I said I was only going to review beers available in the Dallas-Fort Worth market for this blog, and for the most part I stuck to that (with a few exceptions). I can happily say that I am sticking with that mantra today as I purchased this beer at Hall’s Grocery in Colleyville way back in March. At the time this was the first time The Abyss had been available in our market and I jumped on the opportunity to purchase one. It has since come once more a few months ago but does not last long. You can only find it at high end beer and liquor stores, and in small quantities at that. This is the 2010 batch, and says Best AFTER 11/13/11. I love that it has a reverse expiration date. Here we go! By the way, I am sharing this with 5 friends…the way any good beer should be enjoyed.

This beer is dark, there is no other way to say it. It has a dark black pour with a foamy tan head that looks like a loaf of bread. If you swirl this beer around it completely sticks to the side of the glass. Looks like straight motor oil and I love it!

Lovely chocolate aroma. Big notes of spice, almost peppery in a way with a licorice sweetness. Gentle perfumy scent as well. Note that I served this beer at just under room temperature and boy did it make the bouquet explode!

Taste is deep rich chocolate with bitter coffee. Very nice finish. Lovely. I sipped on this for perhaps half an hour, and I only had a few ounces of it in my glass to begin with. If you can find this beer, I highly recommend getting it, but please…do these 2 things for me. Well, 3 things.

1. Put it in your closet and forget about it for a year.

2. Serve it just under room temperature. (Think of it as a red wine)

3. Share it with friends.


1 more beer after today!!! Cheers!


Day #314 – Deschutes The Stoic

November 11, 2011

I realized that I haven’t reviewed many beers of the following style, and I was very fortunate to stumble across this one at the Saucer.

Deschutes The Stoic


This beer comes from Deschutes Brewing Company out of Bend, Oregon. It is classified as an Abt/Quadrupel and has a daunting 11% ABV! This beer is reported to have been brewed with pomegranate with 16.5% being aged in oak wine barrels and 16.5% being aged in oak rye whiskey barrels.

Tap at the saucer. Pours a clear copper orange color with a frothy white head.

Aroma is peanut brittle, wood, white wine and grapes with a slight sweetness.

Flavor is sweet Belgian fruit and yeast, brown sugar, wood and a bit of spice. There is a nice warming tingle on the finish that makes this very good, just watch yourself on this one!!




Day #244 – Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale

September 2, 2011

Headed up to Lubbock for a night to help my Grandma move down to Plano, but I had enough time to grab a beer before the road.

Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale


I’ve reviewed several things from Deschutes now. They rarely seem to disappoint. I grabbed this beer because it was organic and that interested me. The malts they used in this batch are all 100% organic according to the label. Not sure of the difference there and regular malts. I suppose it has to do with fertilizers and such. Anyways seeing the organic label reminded me that I have still yet to review a gluten-free beer. I will have to get on that soon. Now THAT will be an interesting post for sure…

This beer is an amber ale at 5%.

Pours a clear amber orange color with lots of fizz and carbonation. This creates and sustains a nice healthy head for quite awhile.

The aroma is hoppy sweet right off the bat. Plenty of spicy, piney hops are present with a healthy malty sweet backbone.

Flavor is hoppy bitter, dry and bready malts. Very dry finish. The bready malts provide for a very different malt flavor. Very earthy to say the least.




Day #17 – Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

January 18, 2011

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

On the road again to pick up a new beer and new glass.  This beer comes all the way from Oregon from the Deschutes Brewing Company.  They’ve been brewing since 1988 and have a nationwide distribution of their beer.  They are now the 6th largest craft brewery in the United States.  The Mirror Pond Pale Ale is their flagship beer.  It is classified as an American Pale Ale and should be served in a shaker or a lager glass.  I am showing off my brand new Mirror Pond shaker to enjoy this beer.

As far as pale ales go, there are slight differences between the two main styles, English and American.  The biggest difference comes from the types of hops used.  American hops are typically characterized by their floral, spicy and pine notes.  They are usually more pungent and present in the aroma and flavor.  English hops tend to be more subtle, earthy and soft.  You will see several examples of both in due time.

Pours a clear orange color with small bits of suspended sediment. This is more than likely due to the bottle conditioning. I believe this is dry hopped to add a bit more hopped flavor.

Aroma is nicely hopped. Smells piney, fresh with a citrus touch. It smells very fresh, like the crisp smell of a forest on a spring morning. Hops are definitely present. A nice pale ale nose.

Flavor is upfront hops but not astringent or too bitter. There is a strong feeling of fruity hops with a resiny flavor to balance. This is pretty well made and has a great flavor of cascade hops. Cascade hops are from the Northwest regions of the United States and usually have a strong piney/floral aroma. They carry through well in this.

All in all this is a very nice example of a pale ale. Not too intense, not too odd.

I walked in the bathroom and what did I find?  An awesome painted mirror!


Day #7 – Deschutes Jubelale

January 8, 2011

Deschutes Jubelale

The Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988 in Bend, Oregon.  While this was not too long ago, it does make it one of the older craft breweries still in existence.  They have several beers that are distributed to the DFW area including Mirror Pond Pale and Black Butte Porter.

The Jubelale is considered a English Strong Ale.  Around the Christmas holiday there is often a surge of beers that fit into this style.  That is why this style is usually referred to as Christmas Ales.  These beers are often heavily spiced with cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg which plays a major role in the aroma and flavor.  They should be served in either an English Pint Glass or a Trappist Glass.  I have chosen an English Pint from North Coast.

This beer pours a very attractive ruby color with a decently sized cream head.  As it’s held to the light, it shows it’s attractive highlights and proves to be one of the prettiest beers I have reviewed thus far.  I could not find a picture angle that would do justice to the beauty of the appearance, but you can trust me that it is something to behold.

The aroma holds lots of caramel notes and malts.  It is lightly spiced compared to some other beers of the same style, with scents of wooded caramel and perhaps an earthy ginger.  As it warms the hops come out on the nose in a big way. Again and I can’t stress enough, caramel is VERY present in this beer.

The flavor is upfront bitter hops and roasted caramel.  The roastedness comes through a lot in the finish as well.  Some woody grain flavors as well that provide to the astringency.  Light spice is tasted in this but not enough to provide a major impact.

ABV on this is 6.7% which gives a nice warming feeling on this chilly Fort Worth night.