Day #354 – Santa Fe Dirty Blonde

December 21, 2011

I’m on vacation! Right now I am on a ski trip to Taos, New Mexico. I was hoping to find a few local beers that I hadn’t seen before and I was in luck!


After a hard morning of skiing, I stopped in the lodge cafe and stumbled across this beer from Santa Fe Brewing Company.

Santa Fe Dirty Blonde

You won’t need a second guess to figure out where this brewery is based out of. I’ve reviewed a few things from them that we get in Texas but this beer is apparently either very new or draught only as I’ve never seen it or heard of it before now. It is a blonde ale at 4.2% ABV.

Tap at the Sipapu Ski Lodge. This beer pours a super light straw color with a fairly foamy head. Lots of carbonation. I am already not liking what I am seeing here as this appears to be a super light beer similar to what the macro breweries push.

Aroma is straight corn and metal. Not very aromatic. I’m afraid I won’t like this already.

Yup. Flavor is the same as the aroma. Corn, metal, and bitterness. For a craft beer, this is too close to macro. Looks like they wanted to have a BudMillerCoors substitute and they have it. To each their own I suppose.




One comment

  1. So jealous you were at Sipapu. Love that place! Great blog, although I think I’ll generally stick with Shiner Bock. Thanks!

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