Day #350 – Jester King Farmhouse Wytchmaker

December 17, 2011

Day 3 of the Jester King feature. You may think that I have reviewed today’s beer before, but you would be WRONG!

Jester King Farmhouse Wytchmaker

Alright so I reviewed the original version of this beer waaaay back on Day #19! Holy crap that seems so long ago. I was but a wide-eyed beer drinker back then who had no idea what he was getting into. Ah to be young again. The original beer I reviewed was fermented using their English Ale Yeast. If you recall, a few days ago I mentioned that Jester King recently switched over to using their Farmhouse strain full time, and had to go back and re-brew their original beers using this new strain. This effectively makes this an entirely new beer! Yay beer!

This is a Belgian Ale/India Pale Ale at 7.3% ABV. It is more or less an IPA brewed with a heavy amount of rye. Some might call it, a “Rye PA”? Only 15 more days of my jokes there folks.

This beer pours a hazy ruddy reddish-brown color with a light bubbly off white head.

The aroma is light spice, big yeasty notes and rye. Grainy nose. Light edge of funk.

The flavor is dry rye chips, light sweetness, earthy hops that have a bit more of aggressive flavors when compared to the noble hop. Nice. I can be down with this.




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