Day #348 – Jester King Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer

December 15, 2011

Nearing the end. It will be bittersweet for certain once my project has come to an end. I have stuck with it this far and won’t quit till the end.

I realized recently that I have not done a “week of” anything lately, much less featured any particular breweries. Well, it’s time for a feature and that featured brewery will be Jester King Craft Brewing out of Austin, TX! For the next 6 days I will feature a beer from them that I picked up at an awesome tasting! Many of these (if not all) are not currently available for sale, but soon will be. I got a sneak peak of these new beers tonight. The first one is a brand new beer from Jester King, as well as a new style for my blog.


Jester King Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer

This beer is the newest offering from Jester King. First, a little background.

Jester King opened up about a year ago and has been toeing the line ever since. They wanted to be different and competitive with the current craft beer market and perhaps add something new that isn’t a standard in Texas. That’s where the Farmhouse idea came in. I heard all of this from one of the part-owners Ron Extract at the tasting, and he can tell the story better than I can. Their brewery is actually located in farm country outside of Austin and they try to be as organic as possible. They opened up with using 2 different yeast strains, a Farmhouse strain they transplanted from France and an English Ale yeast. The EA yeast was used for most of the offerings they had at the beginning that were widely distributed throughout the state, with the Farmhouse strain reserved for some smaller, experimental batches. Well things turned out so well with their Farmhouse strain that they decided to start using that strain for EVERY beer they brew, INCLUDING the beers they had previously released using the English Ale yeast. Well I’ve had the privilege of trying several of their original beers using the English Ale yeast and I am certainly looking forward to trying the new and improved version very soon!

Today’s beer is what Jester King is calling a Farmhouse Table Beer, otherwise known as a Low Alcohol beer. This is a new style for my blog and for very good reason. Out of all the Low Alcohol beers I have ever tried, I have NEVER found one that even came close to being drinkable. They just all tasted poorly to me. This is Jester King’s twist on the style, and they wanted a throwback to the olden days when people would drink beer with every meal as it was safer to drink than the water at the time. The beer had to be low alcohol then, otherwise no one would ever get any work done! Haha, sorry. 2.8% ABV.


This beer pours a cloudy golden orange color. I got the bottom of the bottle as there is a lot of sediment in my glass and the one next to me is a clear gold. White ring of bubbly head.

Aroma is a tad bit funky, yeasty, and spicy. Some banana notes with dry notes as well.

Flavor is dry upfront and bitter on the finish. This has a large grainy flavor with a light mouthfeel. The farmhouse flavor doesn’t come through as much but it is there, faintly.

Easy drinking but the bitterness on the finish is a little much.



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