Day #343 – BJ’s Brewhouse Grand Cru

December 10, 2011

Very late night for me last night so I’m plugging in the review this morning. Will have another review tonight while I watch the Cowboy game.

BJ’s Brewhouse Grand Cru


BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is a chain of restaurants that also serve their own beer. There are several of them in the area but all have the same beers on tap. It’s a place worth checking out but I won’t be making it my weekly stop. I like more variety in my brewpubs, and these restaurants have pretty much the same thing on tap year round. However, they do have a rotating tap for seasonals and special beers. The beer I will be enjoying tonight is the Grand Cru, their winter seasonal. (Usually comes out in time for New Years.) It is a Belgian Strong Ale at 10%. I also purchased the nifty glass it was served in because I liked it so much!

This beer pours a hazy golden yellow that has some orange tint to it as well. White foamy head for sure that leaves a bit of residue on the edge of the glass.

The aroma is big time fruit and Belgian yeast characteristics. Lots of sweet notes of banana, clove, yeast and citrus. You can tell it is higher in alcohol by the intensity it puts forth, but cannot smell any alcohol esters.

The flavor is pretty tasty. Belgian fruit and yeast notes are the first thing tasted, with a touch of spice like clove and citrus again. Light tingle on the finish, yet remains smooth. Nice.


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