Day #339 – Saint Arnold Donleavy Porter

December 6, 2011

Today I have a special treat; it’s a beer brewed SPECIFICALLY for my favorite bar, the Ginger Man!!

Saint Arnold Donleavy Porter


This beer is brewed by Saint Arnold Brewing Company. It is a porter at 6.4% ABV. As I mentioned before I believe it was brewed for the Ginger Man, for what I think is their 20th anniversary. I remember the Dallas location premiered it during Dallas beer week. I was there that night but didn’t stay long enough to try it. Glad I have it now!

Cask at the Ginger Man Fort Worth. Apparently this is the brew made especially for Ginger Man? Glad it made it over to this one. This beer pours a dark brown color. It has a creamy appearance like that of a nitrous stout. Light carbonation that makes a creamy tan head.

Aroma is chocolate and upfront roasted malts. Almost a toast nose.

Flavor is somewhat of the same but is a little bland. Chocolate and roasted notes again. Not bad but as I mentioned before, a tad bland.




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