Day #315 – Deep Ellum Brewing II

November 12, 2011

Today is a great day for Dallas-Fort Worth craft beer and Texas beer in general. Texas has another brewery! Deep Ellum Brewing had their official launch party on Saturday and I was in attendance. They are a new brewery that is located in Dallas-proper. Dallas has not had an operating brewery since Great Grains shut down many years ago. You might remember this brewery from a previous blog post I had over summer, which can be found HERE. Their official launch party was held at a craft beer bar in Dallas, the Common Table. It was my first trip to this pub but I was definitely impressed with the atmosphere and beer selection. I will be returning to the pub. But enough about the location and on to the brewery of the night, Deep Ellum Brewing!

Deep Ellum Brewing

They had 3 beers available for purchase at the release party, but only 2 of them were being advertised. I tried all 3 and thought I’d put my thoughts here in this blog. Only picked up 1 picture from the entire day as I was too busy chatting with folks. The beers I tried were: Backslider Blonde, Double Brown Stout, Double Rye IPA.


Deep Ellum Backslider Blonde

Blonde Ale – 4.8% ABV

Tap at the DEBC release party at Common Table. Pours a hazy orangish gold with a foamy white head. Aroma is citrus, lemony and orange with a grainy nose and yeast. Flavor is light and bitter, grainy with a yeasty note. Finishes a bit dry. Not bad.

Deep Ellum Double Brown Stout

Oatmeal Baltic Porter – 7% ABV

Tap at the DEBC release party at Common Table. Pours a dark brown color that edges on black. Tab foamy head. Aroma is roasted malts, some nuts and chocolate. Coffee nose as well. Heavy roast and chocolate. Flavor is certainly chocolatey and roasty with some dark malts and grains near the finish. Rye flakes can be tasted on the finish. Flavor is very tasty. Congrats DEBC!

Deep Ellum Double Rye IPA

Imperial Rye IPA – ? ABV

Tap at the DEBC release party at Common Table. Pours a very cloudy maroon with orange colorings. Foamy white head that fades to a ring quickly. Aroma is pretty hoppy, rye notes, and wood shavings. Flavor is very tasty, hoppy and rye notes towards the middle. Sweet flavors abound in this. Not very bitter at all. Sweet finish. This is very tasty!


One comment

  1. Sale $14.99, reg $16.99 (22oz)
    Deep Ellum Hand-Bottled Dreamcrusher Double Rye IPA has Arrived! The IPA will be tasted at Sigel’s TexasFest on Saturday from 1-4pm, but if you must have it now it is available. 20 cases only.

    Drew Huerter strikes again and Dreamcrusher has landed. In his own words, he describes the hop bill as borderline reckless. Although it’s a whopping 100+ IBU’s, the balance on this beer is unparalleled for a, dare we say, sessionable 9.7% Double Rye IPA (warning: session at your own risk). This batch finished brewing on March 1st and was hand-bottled yesterday. Beer doesn’t get much fresher than this! For the lowdown on the brewing process visit Deep Ellum’s blogsite: http://www.deepellumbrewing.com/blog/

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