Day #311 – Duvel Single

November 8, 2011

At the Gman again today for their weekly glass night. Tonight they have a specialty Belgian Ale from Duvel, but it’s not the same as just a regular old Duvel. How is it different you ask? Well I’m going to have to do some research to find out.

Duvel Single

Duvel of course is brewed by Duvel Moortgat out of Belgium and they are famous worldwide for their Belgian Ale under the same name. This beer however is a bit different. It is still classified as a Belgian Ale and rings in at 6.8%, but it is different by its single fermentation. The original Duvel undergoes the fermentation process more than once in order to raise ABV and add fruity characteristics. The first running of this beer has been pulled off and served as this beer, the “single”. It is on draught and in a smaller sized glass than the standard.


There was no tap handle on the wall when they poured this, so I have nothing to take a picture of!! Well, save for the glass and beer itself anyway.

This beer pours a very clear gold color with a fizzy white head. Looks similar to the original.

The aroma however has many notable differences. It is far less fruity in the nose and higher in a grain character. This flavor is certainly smoother and fresher. The nose still maintains a Belgian yeast quality.

The flavor is also a bit blander I would say than the original. There is a big grain and malt flavor that has only a hint of the Belgian fruit that is very present in the original. Certainly more quaffable I would say with a lowered alcohol content.



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