Day #302 – Rahr & Sons Angry Goat

October 30, 2011

Today was an awesome day. I was able to participate in a home brewing competition. It was really cool; it was similar to the Iron Chef competition in which they gave us ingredients and we had to make something out of it. The group I was with was WAY more knowledgeable than me about brewing and beer. I feel like I learned a ton and even more importantly, I’ve got the brewing bug again!


Rahr & Sons Angry Goat

The competition was held at the Rahr & Sons brewery. Those folks were so gracious to let us use their facilities. One of the employees brought out Rahr’s newest beer which I have yet to try! Very glad to see it. This is a Weizen Doppelbock at 8%.


This beer pours a murky brown color with a touch of orange near the edge. Tan colored head.

Aroma is pretty nice. Lots of chocolate malt, banana, clove, some spice and citrus. Bit of everything in this!

The flavor is about the same as the nose, with the chocolate notes coming through big time. Banana and clove as well, however the mouthfeel is a little thin. Not bad.




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