Day #286 – Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout

October 14, 2011

Sitting out by a fire tonight enjoying the nice weather and I feel it’s time to break from the pumpkin beer streak and break out something heavy.


Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout

This beer is brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company out of Longmont, Colorado. It’s an Imperial Stout and a pretty hefty one at that. At 10.4% this guy packs a punch! Apparently this is the same recipe as the original Left Hand Imperial Stout. I like the label and name much better on this one.


This beer pours a pitch black color. It is very dark indeed with maybe a hint of light near the edges. Nice foamy tan colored head.

Aroma is very roasty, in fact that is the first thing I pick up on. Roasted notes and bitter black malts. Some coffee notes and bakers chocolate as well.

Taste is upfront a dry roasted bitter flavor that holds true through the finish. It has a hint of coffee and chocolate in the middle but these flavors do not last very long and are overtaken by the roastyness again.


I only got a small pour of this, split with friends but I can definitely feel its strength.



One comment

  1. Nice picture!

    I haven’t tried this one from Left Hand yet, but it’s now on my list!

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