Day #279 – Rogue HazelNut Brown Nectar

October 7, 2011

Tonight was quite the eventful night for me. I went out to an outdoors concert in near southside Fort Worth, which was free, and then walked to a nearby brewpub that literally JUST opened on Saturday. They are so new in fact that they have yet to start brewing or even cooking their own food! It’s more like a soft opening I suppose. It’s called Zio Carlo and I could see myself making this a regular stop every week. They were a bit busy this night and I kind of felt neglected by the staff for a bit but whatever. They’re still learning.


Anyways they had a few things on tap so I will review a beer that I tried here tonight. I’ll save the Samuel Adams for tomorrow night. 🙂

Rogue HazelNut Brown Nectar

This is a brown ale from Rogue that started as a winter seasonal but I believe turned into a year round production. 6%.

Clear dark ruby pour mixed with heavy brown hues with a small amount of head.

Smells of homebrew sludge, light hops and brown malts. Sweet tea aromas also with a leafy quality. I’d say there is quite a bit of winter spice mixed in with this as well.

Taste is dry leaves with a teabag type characteristic. Slightly Medicinal with a large essence of vanilla? Odd but I’ll go with it. Nuts on the finish. Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s not bad but certainly has a unique quality to it.


As far as the venue, I’ll reserve my judgement for when they are running at max capacity. They were out of several beers, had no popcorn to offer and the pretzels were stale. The lady behind the bar (who I suspect was a part-owner) paid me absolutely no attention when I wanted a beer. I asked to meet the owner and he never came over. Judging on this night only it bombs, but I will come back when they actually have something to offer and will review for real.



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