Day #274 – Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir

October 2, 2011

Got a new Dogfish Head beer up for today, well at least new to my blog.

Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir


Dogfish Head started a series several years ago that they called the Ancient Ales. This is a series of beer that is made from ancient recipes found across the world. This beer was created using the reside found on a drinking vessel inside King Midas’ tomb…or so they say. Honestly DFH is crazy enough to go to these lengths so I wouldn’t doubt it. This beer is classified as a Traditional Ale and has an ABV of 9%.

This beer pours a clear orange color with a white fizzy head. Lots of carbonation bubbles are rising to the top.

Aroma is sweet, honey notes, light fruit and grains. This smells sweet and yet has a bit of intensity to it as well.

The flavor is sweet and fruity, with a nice touch of grapes near the finish. Also lots of honey and other grains. Certainly sweet and easy drinking.




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