Day #271 – Brooklyn Oktoberfest

September 29, 2011

My week of Oktoberfest continues with another trip to Gingerman. They’ve got a great Draught selection and always stock up on a variety of Oktoberfest beers. Today’s is from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Brooklyn Brewing has been doing this one since 2000. It’s an Oktoberfest beer at 5.5%.


This beer pours a very clear reddish orange color with a nice white head.

Aroma is fairly straightforward. Malty aroma that has a touch of spice. Bit grainy and bitter.

Flavor is malty sweet, caramel notes and bitter tastes on the finish. This is pretty much what I think about when I think “Oktoberfest”.



One comment

  1. OK…this is too weird. I had the same beer today for my blog, day #306. I still have two more Oktoberfests lined up…one by Flying Fish and Lancaster Brewing Company. So far the Brooklyn version has been my favorite.

    Great minds think alike.

    Keep rocking it!!!

    Oh yeah…good luck to your Rangers!!!

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