Day #256 – Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock

September 14, 2011

Today has been a long freaken day and I’m dragging in my place just now. Work in the morning, a baby shower right after that and then went straight to work my second job doing valet. It was certainly profitable and I’ll miss the extra income once the season ends, I know I can’t keep up this pace.

Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock


Indian Wells is a new brewery for my blog. It’s based out of, let me make sure I spell this right, Inyokern, California. Haha! This is a Doppelbock at 10.8%! Looks like I’ll be passing out shortly then.

This beer pours a dark and murky brown color that has small rosy highlights when put to the light. Slow to develop a head response but it is colored a tan hue.

Aroma is warm chocolate and bread first thing! Dark chocolate, dark malts that are pretty roasted. Sweet smelling as well but only in the slightest.

Flavor is dark malts and roast with a fairly bitter bite. Metallic and briny almost in nature. Aroma is much better than the flavor. Even still, that being said the flavor isn’t too bad. Just doesn’t live up to the aroma.


Cheers! Now time for bed.


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