Day #252 – Chang Beer

September 10, 2011

Ok. I picked up today’s beer for one reason and one alone…..I have a glass to go with it. *wince* Yeah it’s a pretty sad story but one that bears repeating. I picked up a Chang glass at one of Ginger Man’s glass nights over a year ago. I am pretty sure I had tried the beer before then and even still jumped right in. The beer was not pleasant in any sense of the word but the glass ended up being quite unique and a favorite tasting glass. So, for the sake of the blog, I have made this sacrifice once again in the name of journalism!

Chang Beer


Chang Beer is a pale lager brewed by Thai Beverages. Thai Beverages obviously is based out of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. (Obviously for the Thailand part, not all the rest of that.) It has an ABV of 5%, and apparently they are still quite proud of a medal this beer won in 1998 in Australia. Despite my past experience with this beer, I will try to remain neutral in my observations. Try.

I decided to have a beer outside today as it is finally tolerable weather here in Texas and isn’t blistering hot.  I actually turned off the AC for a bit today and opened the windows!

Check out the glass! How cool! Special note that it is too small to hold the entire contents of the bottle, but that’s alright. I doubt you will want it all anyway. This beer pours a very clear light yellow color that almost touches on straw. It has a fizzy white head that disappears quite readily.

The aroma is lots of corn and grainy notes, rice and slight metal notes. That’s about it.

Flavor offers exactly the same; grainy and corny, with rice sweetness and a bit of malt. No hop bitterness to speak of, and finishes like water. I suppose if you were thirsty and needed something to down real quick this would do the trick… 🙂




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