Day #248 – Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

September 6, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before it is definitely Oktoberfest season, but I’ve been trying to hold off on buying Oktoberfest beers as I am wanting to do a solid week-long salute to the style when the festival is actually going on. Sometimes they just fall into my lap and I can’t say no to that!!

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

Yes I’ve got another Saint Arnold beer on the blog and it won’t be the last. As one of Texas’ largest producers of beer it’s no surprise I feature them a lot. There’s still plenty more to be had as well! This is their Oktoberfest and comes in at 6% ABV. I remember exactly where I was when I tried this the first time, it had such an effect on me! It was 2008, I can say that much.

This beer pours a clear heavy orange color with big copper tints. Light white head with low carbonation.

Aroma is fairly light, but still maintains a fair caramel malt nose with plenty of sweetness.

Flavor is sweet malts, sugar, tea leaves and grains. This has a light body and sweet flavors that go through the finish. Definitely still one of my favorites.



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