Day #241 – Avery Anniversary Seventeen

August 30, 2011

Glass night at the G man tonight. It feels like I haven’t been here in awhile due to my crazy schedule, but I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things. Got an American anniversary beer on tap for today.

Avery Anniversary Seventeen


Avery has been doing specialized anniversary beers since their 10th I believe. Each year is a different style and always pushing the envelope. They came out with the 18th this year which was a dry hopped saison. I honestly didn’t care for it all that much. The Ginger Man, in all it’s wisdom hung on to a keg of the 17th anniversary from last year and served it up tonight. Boy am I glad cause this beer got WAY better! It is a dunkler bock, which is pretty much a strong, dark and roasty lager, but not to be confused with a Dunkel. 2 very different styles. The ABV on this sucker is 8.69%.

This beer pours a dark brown color tha, edges on rouge. Especially when held up to the light. It also forms a nice tan head.

The aroma here is mainly dark malts, roasted notes, bitter chocolate, dry hops and spice. It has certainly mellowed out a bit over the past year. I like the aroma now more than ever.

Flavor is roasted for sure. Bakers cocoa and hops are the main elements in this. Spicy tingle over palate is what I’m left with. Man when this was fresh I remember it being almost medicinal. But now it rocks!




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