Day #235 – Anchor Porter

August 24, 2011

Day 3 of full time teaching and working the late Rangers games has worn me out. I’m sooo ready for summer. Oh wait……crap.

Anchor Porter


Anchor Brewing out of San Francisco, CA. This is classified as a porter and holds 5.6% ABV. Pretty straightforward and easy enough? Moving on.

This beer pours a lot darker than I remembered it being. In fact it is so dark as I hold it to the light, I still cannot see anything coming through! Very interesting indeed. It is a dark brown to almost black in color and has a creamy brown-tan head that stays for awhile.

The aroma is everything you would expect of a good porter; chocolate, dark roast and heavy malts, some dry bitterness. Very good and textbook as far as I’m concerned.

The flavor is also very good. Dark malts and roasty notes come through at the beginning with a slight bit of chocolaty sweetness in the middle. The roastyness comes back at the finish with a dry bitter sensation. If you drink this one too cold it will come off very roasty, almost burnt but as it warms it subsides.


Goodnight. I mean Cheers.


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