Day #232 – Peticolas Brewing Company pt. 2

August 21, 2011

Part 2 of my Peticolas review starts today. Very much looking forward to these last 2 beers! I am brewing my own beer today, so the Peticolas beers will make a fantastic partner to what I’m doing.


Great Scot


Alright, getting to a bigger beer now! This is the first beer of his that I have tried that has been named, meaning this beer will be placed into regular rotation once the brewery is up and running. I can only imagine that the reason this beer has a name is because it must be awesome. There’s no other way around it. 🙂 Here are the stats for this guy: Scottish Ale, 24 IBU, 6.8% ABV.

I poured this one into an English Pint glass as per the style.

This beer pours a fairly dark brown color that turns a rich shade of ruby when put to the light. A tall head of light tan forms atop the beer as well. Very pretty.

The aroma on this was a little weak. Grainy and dusty smelling with perhaps a latent sweetness.

The flavor however is much better than the aroma. Lots of lovely sweet notes and caramel malts come through. It is a smooth and slick sweetness that blends well with the surrounding grains and malts. Light bitterness on the finish with just the slightest amount of tingle over the palate.

While I’ll admit I wasn’t much into the aroma, the flavor really came through in a big way. Very tasty.

Velvet Hammer


Last beer of the series. I am looking forward to this most of all because of the name. Velvet…Hammer. Just say it out loud. Velvet….Hammer. Makes you feel good doesn’t it? 🙂 Here’s the stats: Imperial Red Ale, 85 IBU, 9% ABV.

This beer went into my Rahr snifter, as any strong ale should.

It pours a very pretty dark reddish color. Velvet comes to mind but I can’t for the life of me figure out why? 🙂 Nice white head. Looks great.

I let this warm up a bit before trying it. Aroma is sweet malts, with a fair bit of hops on the nose. Caramel sweetness as well.

Flavor is sweet malts, some candied sugar and a touch of hopped bitterness. What is so surprising about this is that for 9%, I can’t taste it at all! Very smooth and easy drinking. Man I could see how this beer could easily fall into their regular line-up!

Big thanks to Michael Peticolas for allowing me to try his beers! I tried to give an honest opinion about what I tried, but Michael made it easy for me by making very good beer. I am very excited for Peticolas Brewing Company to open up, and I can see great things happening for them in the future!



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