Day #231 – Dogfish Head Festina Peche

August 21, 2011

Alright. I know I said I was going to finish up the Peticolas series today, but I ended up having a long, late night and wanted to save them for tomorrow. I’ll be brewing tomorrow anyway so they will make excellent brewing partners for me!

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Today (well, yesterday as I’m technically writing this up in the morning.) I got to have a pretty neat experience. I went on a transportation pub crawl with my new friends in the Cap & Hare homebrew club. I joined the club today and went on my first official event as a member. We caught the morning train out of Fort Worth and rode it over to Dallas, then switched lines to one of their light rail cars and took it up to an area of Dallas which has some great pubs. After a bit of light walking we ended up stopping by 4 different pubs in Dallas, before catching the train back home. It was a neat experience and a lot of fun! I’ll certainly be joining that group on more events.

At one of the pubs we stopped at, I saw a beer on tap that I realized I had not reviewed yet. Even better I also discovered that it is a new style for my blog! Glad I realized that before I finished the beer, so I snapped a quick photo and jotted down some notes. This beer is classified as a Berliner Weisse. Weisse is translated to wheat so we know this will be a wheat-based style of beer which comes from…you guessed it, Berlin. This style is usually lightly tart to sour, and can also be a touch fruity. Dogfish Head’s version is 4.5% ABV and is fermented with peaches.

Appearance is a hazy golden orange to banana yellow with no perceptible head.

Aroma is a mix of sprite, peach, and sweet drink mix. Dry fruit with a touch of sourness to it. Peachy with some slight yeast notes.

Flavor is a tingly peach right away. Fades rather quickly into a bitter lambic finish. Almost acidic by nature. Slightly tart. Taste is a spiffy and spritly. Fruit appears also with kinda a dry lambic feel. Refreshing for sure.




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