Day #230 – Peticolas Brewing Company pt. 1

August 19, 2011

I have a very special treat for you all today. Well, it’s more of a special treat for me as I get to drink the beers, but you can pretend you’re here enjoying them with me! Haha.

Peticolas Brewing Company


I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but right now is a fantastic time for craft beer as the scene is rapidly growing and seeing many levels of success. Dallas in particular is also a part of this growth. You’ve read my reviews for Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Lakewood Brewing which are both breweries-in-the-works in Dallas proper. Well today I have 4 lovely samples in front of me courtesy of Michael Peticolas, owner of Peticolas Brewing Company. I had been in contact with him through Twitter (I’m Cavie06, he’s Peticolas. If you care to follow :)) I had put out an inquiry to him regarding acquiring a few samples of his brew for the purposes of this blog. He was quick to offer some to me; I get free beer, he gets free publicity…it’s win-win folks.

Anyways, I was going to be in Dallas over the weekend and we had planned to meet at one of the stops I was going to be at. However as I’m driving there he calls and asks me to meet him at his house! Haha so I got to chat with him about his beer and brewery as his kids ran through the house. It was pretty cool talking to him. He sounds very excited about the progress that has been made recently and is looking to open well before the end of the year. Not only did he provide 4 different samples of his beer but also some sweet swag! Very cool guy and I wish him all the best!

Belgian Wit


The first beer I am going to try is a Belgian Wit. Only 2 of his beers had “official” names, and those are the ones he is certain to brew professionally. The other ones are more like experiments; things he brews to get feedback from other folks. I am very good at the “feedback” portion, as it involves drinking the beers! Here are the stats for this brew: 12 IBU, 4.5% ABV, Belgian Witbier.

Popped this beer and poured it in the correct style glassware, a tumbler. This beer pours a very clear golden orange color with a nice foamy white head. This has obviously been filtered and was not bottle conditioned. Very nice.

The aroma is quite indicitive of the style; light wheat tones, coriander spice and just a bit of citrus fruit. It is certainly what I would expect to see from a beer of this style.

The flavor partners the aroma; light, refreshing and slightly dry. There is a bit of sweet fruit and citrus tang. This is about as textbook Belgian Witbier as it goes. Very solid!

Scottish Wit

20110819-111605.jpgNow the next beer is very interesting. It is the same recipe and grain bill as the Belgian Wit, but he changed up the yeast strain. It originally used a Belgian Wit yeast strain, but this time he decided to use a scottish yeast. I am very anxious to see how the different yeast strain will affect the flavor! Here are the stats: 12 IBU, 4.5% ABV, Belgian Witbier (loosely categorized).

This beer pours a clear golden orange color with a light white foamy head.

The aroma of this one has similarities to the original Belgian Witbier but also has a few notable differences. The aroma on this one has the same wheat notes, sweet fruit and coriander spice but also has a bit of grapefruit tartness. There is also a dry candied Belgian sugar sweetness which gives this beer an interesting difference. Sweet, and I like it.

I’ve decided to break this tasting up into 2 evenings in order to give the beers the proper attention they deserve. I shall finish up the remaining 2 beers in this series tomorrow evening. Stay tuned, it’s bound to be good!



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