Day #229 – Real Ale XV

August 18, 2011

Specialty beer is up for today, and boy is it a good one.

Real Ale XV

Real Ale came out with an anniversary series 2 years ago in celebration of their 13th anniversary. At the time it was merely a one-off beer that fit in a larger series of other beers. However a year after they came out with a 14th and now we have a 15th anniversary. I am pretty sure this will continue on. All 3 anniversary beers have been very different, this one included. It is classified as an Imperial Stout, and I was a bit surprised by this but Real Ale has never released an Impy Stout! This was their first one so I was super excited to get my first taste of a Texas Imperial Stout. It also has an ABV of 9.8% so watch out!

This beer is absolutely pitch black, no light gets through. It has a light tan head that leaves some bit of residue on the ring of the glass.

Aroma is dark malts, heavy brown sugar, milk chocolate and roasted notes. Certainly a good smelling beer and comes off as heavy and strong.

Flavor is dark malts, fairly bitter, some dark chocolate notes but man is this good. Lots of solid roasty notes with a very thick mouthfeel. Well done for sure!




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