Day #227 – Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt

August 16, 2011

Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt


Lagunitas Brewing Company is based out of Petaluma, California. I have reviewed 2 things from them so far and felt it’s time for a few more. I’ll more than likely have another one tomorrow as well. This beer was originally brewed in honor of their 13th anniversary, but sadly I was never able to try it. The only bottle I purchased I ended up mailing to a friend to try. I was excited when I heard they were releasing this beer again, however it is slightly different than the original. (hence the .alt) This beer is classified as an American Strong Ale and holds 8.9% ABV. Hefty indeed.

Check out this awesome glass I got! I took a picture from both sides so you can see the engraving.


Pours a clear light copper color with a nice white head. Looks lighter than it really is.

The aroma is fairly hoppy, but not overly so. Good sense of hops and well balanced fruit. Good aroma.

Flavor is hoppy bitter with a bite from the ABV. Sweet and tart fruit can also be felt and tasted. This is pretty solid.




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