Day #226 – Boulevard Pale Ale

August 15, 2011

Well today marked the end of my summer, officially. My week of teaching/staff development trainings begin for my job this week, and classes begin next week. While I’m sad to see this summer go, (which has brought me loads of great beer) it will be nice to slip back into my normal schedule again. Perhaps I can get back on the track of trying a beer every evening and then posting about it. I must admit it’s been frustrating recently when I’ve had SO much going on in my life, and it’s been increasingly more difficult to squeeze out a blog post. But like I said, hopefully that will change.

Boulevard Pale Ale


I am shocked….absolutely SHOCKED that I have let 225 days go by before featuring a beer from this fantastic company! Boulevard Brewing Company is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. They distribute several beers to our area, and most of these are big beers that come in caged and corked 750ml bottles. Perhaps this is why I have yet to feature them because I do not buy large format bottles very often. Well I happened across a 12 ozer and I will feature that today. It is their American Pale Ale that holds 5.1% ABV. This should be a standard from them.

This beer pours a clear copper orange color. It’s very bright and brilliant with a very foamy off-white head response. Quite foamy.

The aroma is a little dusty, dry malts, some bread and latent hops. There are certainly hops in this but they are not nearly as obtrusive as the ones I picked up last night.

The flavor is very bready and malty, with dry bitter flavors coming through the middle. I can taste a bit of the hops but not a whole lot. I remember this being way hoppier the first time I tried it, granted that was like 3-4 years ago!




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