Day #225 – SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA

August 14, 2011

I had a pretty unique and fun opportunity tonight and I thought I’d share. Tonight I had the chance to go on a bicycle pub crawl. There is a group of people in Fort Worth called the Night Riders that take different rides around town on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. The Wednesday ride is pretty strenuous and usually a lot longer distance. Sundays however are short, leisurely and an all around good time. We ride for a bit, then stop off at a pub for a beer. Needless to say it would be difficult to type a blog post while in the midst of this, so I’m running a bit behind today. This was the beer I enjoyed at one of the biking stops.

SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA

I’ve very recently had a beer from SKA, as of last week actually so I won’t review the brewery stats. This beer however is an India Pale Ale at 6.8%.


This beer pours a clear dark reddish to orange color. It has a nice white head that dissipates eventually.

The aroma is VERY hoppy. Lots of notes of pine needles, tree sap, resin, sweet hops and grapefruit touches. Definitely smells hoppy.

The flavor follows suit as the bitterness from the hops fill the palate and creep out to the edge of the tongue. These hops can certainly be tasted and felt in the flavor. This was just what I needed for the bike ride tonight. Try this beer, but it is not for the weak and hops, I mean heart.



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