Day #223 – Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit

August 12, 2011

Grrrrr. Today has not started off well. The fact that I am drinking my blog beer BEFORE noon is a good teller of that. I have been struggling with my internet service provider (which for the purposes of this blog shall remain nameless) for quite some time now. I lose service ALL the time. As of this moment, they have sent out 4 separate technicians 5 times, 4 repairmen 3 times and I have talked to FAR too many people on the phone. I had thought the problem was fixed after the last visit 2 days ago, because for the past 2 days my service has been flawless. Yet this morning, I wake up and sit down to watch the morning news and good ole’ Matt Lauer’s face freezes in the most peculiar position…..and then I lose all service. I’m having to write this blog post on my phone using 3G connection just so you know. Well needless to say I got pretty pissed and went straight to the fridge for a beer! Ugh. Hope it cheers me up.

Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit


Abita Brewing Company is based out of Covington, LA (for some reason I remember it being Abita Springs at some point…hmm). This is a Belgian Witbier at 5.1% but wait! What the heck is a Satsuma? Let’s find out. According to Wikipedia, a satsuma is a citrus type fruit of Chinese origin that is similar to the mandarin. It is seedless and easily peeled. How about that. Drinking beer AND learning at the same time!

This beer pours a hazy golden yellow color with a white foamy head. The head actually foamed up over the edge of my glass which doesn’t happen too often. After this the head remains for a long long time.

The aroma seems fairly dry but I do get a nice sense of the satsuma fruit. It has a citrus/orange type smell with lots of grains and bready notes as well. Perhaps some spice but not a lot.

The flavor is very dry…drier than I had expected. The fruit comes through as more of an afterthought and disappears into a dry, grainy haze. The finish has a bit of sweet fruit, but is mainly concentrated on the graininess of the drink. Eh, not bad but could be loads better.




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