Day #218 – Rahr & Sons Lã Grange

August 7, 2011

Driving back from my vacation, I happened to stop in Waco, TX at a little pub called Dancing Bear. I arrived just in time for them to open, which was nice because I had come here for one beer and one beer alone, the La Grange! Rahr had posted on their Facebook that for some reason or another, this pub received the first shipments of Rahr’s brand new beer.

Rahr & Sons Lã Grange


This is the next beer in Rahr’s TO THEE series; a series of interesting styles they don’t normally do packaged in 22 oz bombers only. This particular beer is a farmhouse ale, or saison. It is listed at 7.25%.

This beer pours a very hazy orange color with a foamy white color. Unfiltered for sure as it’s hazy.

Aroma is pretty much what you’d expect of a saison; dry, hay, some funk, yeast and a tight spice. Smells pretty spot on.

Flavor is yeasty, slight tartness, very dry and earthy tones. The dryness lingers for quite awhile and this might be the only thing I can find that I don’t necessarily like. A saison needs to be refreshing above all else and this one is just a touch dry. That being said, this beer is solid.




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