Day #215 – Port Aransas Brewing Company

August 4, 2011


While walking along the beach, I happened across a lovely little shack labeled “Port Aransas Brewing Company”. Curious I was, as I was unaware such a place existed. Well of course I hopped on in to try their wares. Let’s see how this little brewpub holds up.

Port Aransas Brewing Company


Port A has only one brewpub, which sad to say is more than the majority of the cities in Texas. This particular pub had 5 things on tap and I tried them all!



This beer unfortunately is not classifiable as any style of beer. It is a blend of a pilsener and lemonade. 😦 But here were my thoughts:

Pours a hazy golden light color with little carbonation. Served with a lemon slice. Aroma is light, fruity citrus, lemon and some grain. Flavor is very sweet. Lemonade sugar and tart notes. Finishes dry.

Beachin’ Blond


Blonde Ale. Pours a slightly clouded bright yellow color with light bubbles. Aroma is sweet, a bit soapy and light. Flavor is dry, grainy and bitter. Dry finish. Not much to it.

Pop Pilsener


Pilsener. Pours a hazy yellow gold color with little carbonation. Aroma is again light, some soapy notes as well but this time floral hops can be detected. Subtle though. Slight hoppy taste, very bitter, almost biting on the palate. Semi sweet in the middle but overall quite bitter.

Island Pale Ale


American Pale Ale. Pours a hazy golden orange color with no carbonation apparent. Aroma is floral hops, soft hand soap, and some sweetness. Flavor is hoppy bitter with a bit of candied flavors. The flavor on this is far more complex than the nose. Floral hops can be tasted. This is good.

Bull Red Ale


Amber Ale. Pours a hazy reddish orange color. Now I KNOW this one had a white head when it first came out but now I can’t see any carb. Maybe that was the case with all of them. Aroma is caramel malts and sweetness. Maybe a light hint of roasted notes? Flavor is malty sweet, with some of that same odd candied flavor. Must be something in the water.

Overall impression: the food was fantastic! I had a calamari appetizer and tried their award winning burger (Texas Monthly top 50 burgers of Texas) but the beer was mediocre at best. It was interesting to note that out off all the people eating there that day, I was the only one drinking their beer. :/



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