Day #205 – Delirium Tremens

July 25, 2011

Quick review today as I got home really late from work and just want to hit the sack.

Delirium Tremens

Solid Belgian beer today. This is a Belgian Strong Ale at 8.5% brewed by Brouwerij Huyghe. This beer is known for it’s classic pink elephants! You’ll notice them on the glass and bottle. Hope I’m not seeing pink elephants after I finish!


This appearance is less than appealing. It pours a rusty golden color with a big foamy head. The head subsides quickly enough. What is so unappealing about this are the chunks of yeast sediment suspended in the beer. I tried to keep most of the yeast in the bottle but couldn’t stop all of them. Be careful with this pour!

Aroma is spicy and bready. There is a big bread aroma, some Belgian fruit, obvious yeast notes and some hints of alcohol.

Flavor is fairly tasty. Fruit notes of banana, light citrus and grapes are tasted upfront. Also apple. There is a big tingle on the palate. Bready grainy flavor.


Definitely worth the try. Cheers!



  1. You save *this* one for a late, quickie review? Tsk, tsk, shakes his head…

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