Day #204 – Jester King Commercial Suicide Dark Mild

July 24, 2011

Got a Texas Beer on tap for today. And it’s a new style for my blog! Yay!!

Jester King Commercial Suicide Dark Mild

Jester King; ah I haven’t had a beer from these guys in many months. I’m glad that I stumbled upon this particular beer tonight. This beer has quite a story with it, but first let’s talk about the style. It is officially classified as a Mild Ale, which is pretty much a low alcohol, easy drinking malty beer. There is quite often little to no hop character which gives it a mild character. Jester King opened up about a year ago, and this was the first beer they came out with. Note that they didn’t start with a Bud Light clone, or a Guinness type stout, they went for a little known style. Some might call this Commercial Suicide, and they agree. Thus this beer was born. ABV 3.2%.

Before I tried this beer, the bartender warned me that this keg seemed a little off to him. I’ve only had this once before and it was in the smokiest of settings so my opinion may have been tainted. We’ll see what I think.

This beer pours a very dark, murky brown color. Light carbonation and light head. Appears thin.

Aroma is dry roasted malts, some light smoke, dark chocolate. Dark Malts for sure.

Flavor matches these flavors with an even more pronounced roasted chocolate flavor. Almost ashy in a way that I do not remember. Like the finish really feels like I smoked and then tried to cover it up with a mint. Maybe the bartender was right and there is something off about this particular keg. I think I remember it being a tad bit better than this. Oh well, such is life.




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